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  1. Hi, I'm kind of stuck at the moment when working with Ptex in 3d coat 2021. I have no way to export my maps to ptex color.. I have to use an older version of 3d coat v4.9. Anyone have any idea when this might get added? Really enjoying 3dcoat v2021 BTW... just really need this one feature at the moment.. Isn't that how it always is Anyway, thanks for any updated info!
  2. Very cool digman. I never knew how to use this feature. Now I have to re-think how I've been managing my smart materials workflow. Nice!
  3. Hi, I think I came across a bug. I've run into this issue when calculating curvature whenever I am working with Ptex. this happens in 3dcoat v4 and 2021. It leaves block artifacts In the curvature map. You can see an example below I have tried this in both PC and Linux versions. Thanks, Alex
  4. Hi, I see that 3d coat 2021 will work with Linux Ubuntu, but I was also wondering if it would also be supported on RHel6 and RHel7? Thanks!
  5. This appears to suffer the same issue as with 3D Coat 2021. When painting using PTEX, there doesn't appear to be an option to export the color map. I've attached a screen capture below. Link to the reported issue for 3DCoat 2021. 3D model community • 3D modeling forum • 3D printing forum - 3D Coat
  6. Thanks, I've tried that as well. Didn't change anything. Seems ok in UV space, just not in Ptex. I'll send this along to Andrew. Thank you!
  7. FYI... Only seeing this when baking to ptex only. I don't see this issue when baking the same scene to UV/normal maps
  8. Any idea why my scale changes when baking in the retopo room. I'm baking w/PTEX. It's not always happening, but when it does, I don't know why it happens so I don't know how to work around it. In this test, the source and the target meshes are the same, just to rule out any possible discrepancies with the model, and I still get this scaling effect. The funny thing is if I do this exact same thing in Linux and set the edit scene scale to 1.0 it works fine. My Linux version is 4.8.## and my windows version is v4.9.74. I'm trying to get my coworkers to use 3d coat for baking vector displacements, but with this happening so random and no one has a good workaround, they just don't want to deal with it. Anyway, anything you can do would help. Thanks! Here are some images below.
  9. Hi Thanks for this thread. I was running into this very issue. It solved my issue when working on my linux machine, but when in Windows, the scene scale option did not work. I'm testing with the same exact geometry and doing the same exact steps. My colleague is also seeing this behavior, I was wondering if this was a potential bug. Is anyone else experiencing this as well? I'm using v4.9.74 Thanks for any help with this, -Alex
  10. Hi, I'm using 2021_B52. Not sure if anyone else has run into this, but I ran into a reproducible issue when choosing Ptex Paint from the main menu, and choosing either the head or creature model. It appears to start to load with the progress bar, but then just hangs and doesn't come back.
  11. Hi, Would be great if we could import multiple textures via UDIMs in 3DCoat. Similar to other applications, when you import one texture that's a part of a UDIM set, all associated textures that are part of that UDIM are automatically loaded as well. Since 3DCoat supports the UDIM ID's would it be possible for 3DCoat to do also do this, and map the textures to the UV tiles (3DCoat UDIM's) Thanks.
  12. Andrew contacted me and let me know he received it. Thanks for your help!
  13. Thanks. I sent an email to support@3dcoat.com. I didn't get a reply but wasn't sure if I really should. :-) I've never submitted a bug here, so wasn't sure what to expect, or even how to follow it, if that is even available. Thanks again!
  14. Thanks, Carlosan, Thanks, but that didn't work either. To give a better idea of what I'm working with... I have a model that contains a 4 x 4 grid of tiles. If I paint across all the patches and then export a single ptex map, I can import that ptex map back into the scene and it maps onto the tiles perfectly. Now if I export that same map using the "object by object" option for the ptex export, it does wright a ptex map per object (which is cool), but when I try and import each ptex back in, they are applied to random bits scattered in unexpected areas. I have successfully been able to open and import them successfully in another application and they come in fine. So the question I have is why can't I get 3dcoat to read back in the maps it exported? Maybe I'm doing something wrong. I have even tried creating a simpler scene with a box and a sphere, and I can only import one of the two maps successfully. Thanks again for your continued help
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