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    3D-Coat 3.7 updates thread

    Personally I like this idea a LOT- the idea to have a simple mesh smooth out an area or precisely control curvature of a rough sculpw, you can use the retopo mesh to do smooth manipulations to the overall surface or details. This would be very useful for hard surface sculptors who want the workflow to sculpt smooth areas like we do in clay,
  2. parel

    3D-Coat 3.7 updates thread

    Very very nice! Killer job Andrew and Leigh.
  3. parel

    3D-Coat 3.5 updates thread

    Please- I agree- the interface should be more elegant. Consolidate features and rooms.... it is a UI headache.
  4. parel

    Is it possible to force edge loops on strokes

    Of course it is! That would be the perfect blend of the control in Blender/bsurfaces and 3dcoat.
  5. AbnRanger- Thanks for the comments. I am working on an update based on what you said- which really help the tone a lot. I am trying to tighten the timing and framing. Will post as soon as I am done
  6. Hmmm...Maybe I can pick some clearer verses and clarify the intent. You are right- it is pro-life and perhaps the message is muddled. Might have to clarify. Thanks AbnRanger.
  7. I used a little 3d here. Purchased model textured in 3dcoat and rendered in Modo. Video made in After Effects and Premiere. http://youtu.be/Htudu3Re8S8 Crits welcome.
  8. parel

    3D-Coat 3.5 updates thread

    Would it not be better for LiveClay to be a toggle like Surface Mode- even a replacement for Surface mode?
  9. parel

    David Laser Scanner

    A friend of mine has a David laser setup. One problem is that the Red Laser is not fine or bright enough. You need to scan in a dark room. You probably need a green laser to get a clean scan. Overall though- great value for money eventhough there is a lot of manual cleanup.
  10. parel

    Creating an offset peice?

    That not quite the same. Extract skin has the functionality that you want but it only works by creating a shell inside. If it could shell outward that would be perfect for clothes etc.
  11. parel

    The Pirate

    bloody inspirational work- mindbenders like the name of the company. This should be in the 3dcoat gallery!
  12. parel

    Blender 2.56+ GLSL bump painting

    Like haikalle says Michalis- nothing personal against AbnRanger whom I respect. Apologies for the hijack
  13. parel

    Blender 2.56+ GLSL bump painting

    Question is- Would you rather have Raul or not? I dont think it is unethical at all since he cleared it BEFORE the hire.
  14. parel

    3DCoat for iPad?

    Seems like a good idea to me. I think if you can get the programming and UI stripped down to work on the Ipad2 it would help the main program. It would be ahead of the curve- where applications are headed. And i know that the majority here are very comfy on PCs and Macs- as am I. But I think if you can get it to work on Ipad you would open up the user base a lot. That and if you can get a UI that works with a tablet, it would force the program designers to be super thoughtful- in the end better for the user. Awaiting the storm of disagreement