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    3D Fractals

    why not have a look at Incendia this does exporting of meshes which you could use in 3D Coat
  2. Hi am going to buy a new pc soon need advice on graphic cards. I know that i need NVidia card but am i better off buying a single expensive card like GTX 295 or would i be better buying 2 cards run as SLI like GTX 275 1793MB or GTX 285 2GB.Does 3D Coat use both cards and would it be an advantage to have between 3.5GB 0r 4GB of graphics memory. Finally regarding system memory thinking of 12GB is this allright.
  3. malcolmd

    Adding fractals to Voxels

    Have just come across a voxel landscape program using fractals to generate landscapes called Acropora website http://www.voxelogic.com/. Is it possible to add fractals to voxels to generate landscapes etc as this program does. This would be a great addition to 3D Coat and open up new ways of modeling as well as generating landscapes as program appears to be able to do. We already have fractals in the paint section of the program could these be applied directly to voxels.
  4. malcolmd

    Problem with curve tool

    Have just downloaded Alpha 51 32bit GL. I have discovered a bug after using text tool in voxels when i try to use curve tool it uses text and refuses to use any other shape i select.As i am new to this program is this something i am doing wrong this worked fine in previous versions without text