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  1. My latest project, I wanted something unique so started with a simple frame and began adding "skeletal muscles". Since it's time in the finished video will be relatively short I wanted to show it off a little. Thanks for having a look! ^^ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DhRzy-gI-h4
  2. Will I at least be able to use my current version as it is? If I'm required to pay 400-ish dollars for the new individual license I'm afraid I'll have to learn Blender (gulp!). I am concerned because my copy of Photoshop (Cs3) needed to be re-installed recently due to a hard-drive failure and it can no longer be activated because Adobe now wants people to subscribe, much like you seem to be thinking of doing. As a result I now must learn to use GIMP. I am currently fighting stage 4 cancer and money is tight, and frankly your sale prices for the professional version are often beyond my reach even when I was healthy let alone now. Please set my mind at ease that you are not taking one of my favorite 3D tools away.
  3. Cygnus, "cosmic lord of the electric guitar". Sculpted and painted in 3D coat, posed using the transfer utility and rendered in Daz Studio's IRAY. (guitar not my work)
  4. Wow, I guess my workflow was a little backwards, this is much more acceptable.
  5. I'll re-topo and see if less polys makes a difference, thanks for the suggestion.
  6. I've been having problems when "unwrapping" certain models. For example I made a jumpsuit for a Daz model, and when unwrapped the arms and legs curl in weird ways. It's not as bad if I cut the islands into a bunch of smaller pieces, but then I get annoying seams, flipped polys and some parts still want to curl. The relax tool doesn't seem to be the answer, any ideas?
  7. I didn't describe it quite right, but it sounds like you found the right button. Glad I could help. With it turned on, it sort of "turns the world into a cube" instead of a sphere and you can easily work on profiles this way. Some tools like cut-off, pose and clone will behave more predictably.
  8. Your view port is in isometric mode (I think it's called...Up top, looks like three lines that meet in the middle) click that off and the panorama should appear. Nice job btw!
  9. Working on the "Inner Frame" of a giant robot, styled after those featured in the relatively obscure anime/manga, "Five Star Stories". After this is finished, I hope to make it a "character" file and then use "smart-props" to deal with the rigid exterior armor. Hopefully, this will keep the outer armor from warping when posing the model. Still a lot to do on the shins and hand/forearms, but it's getting there. (About 20 hours so far)
  10. Just as a follow-up, it occured to me I might be able to re-assign the material zones in poser, if it doesn't cause the UV map to drop. I'll report back if I have any luck with this.
  11. I guess I'll have to delete the materials and hope specular maps will make up for losing the direct material control in poser then. Thanks for the answers!
  12. Probably a newb question, here goes. I make a model in lightwave and assign materials and UV map it, as I will mostly use it in poser. When I import it into 3D Coat to paint it, it seems to want to treat all the materials as thier own texture map, and when I save my work and export it, it makes a seperate texture map, bump map etc. for each material. Is there a way to have it consolidate everything onto one texture, bump etc.? It'd kinda pesky to have to hunt down all those files.
  13. Hello! I got 3Dcoat last year and some of it is rather mysterious to me still, sure wish there was a book. Anyways, here is my question. I have a couple of models I made with the program Sculptris. After modeling, I allowed the program to generate UV's and painted them. However, the models have far too many polygons, and the UV maps Sculptris made are nightmare-ish jumbles. What I am wondering is if I can import the models and textures into 3DCoat, re-toppo, and transfer the textures I already have made onto the new re-toppo'd objects somehow.
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