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    Help, shader looking wierd ?

    hey guys, I have a quick question regardin the look of 3d coat in the viewport, I am trying to get a similar look to zbrush and the shadow that is supposed to give me this "look" is behaving super strange as you can ee on the image below http://tinypic.com/v...pic=15dtlye&s=6 I guess i need help because i saw a video on youtube where the shader wasnt behaning like that i guess, is there a way i can fix this bright outline around the sculped part ?? by the way, I am have a professional 3d workstantion with Nvidea card and all the cores and memory in the world to have a great quality, I am using the CUDA version of 3d coat ... thanks everybody i hope someone helps me so that i keep learning 3d coat best v.