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    Multiple bodies

    One more question actually. My intent with this is to show internal detail of a part - so on one layer the part is transparent while the other layer (showing internals) is not. When I've tried this, the internal geometry is not visible through the transparent external model. The transparent model is only transparent to itself. Is there any way around this? Thanks again.
  2. User

    Multiple bodies

    Oh that's great - many thanks.
  3. User

    Multiple bodies

    Hi, is it possible to have multiple bodies exist in one scene at the same time? If I wanted to represent two different parts that were touching, is there a way to do this without 3D Coat automatically uniting them? Cheers.
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    Writing rawvox files

    Hello, So forgive my lack of knowledge in this area, but I'd like to write a rawvox file from a series of images. All I need to know is the exact structure of the rawvox file. I've seen in previous posts in this forum the structure is as follows: --- int Magic 'RVOX' int SizeX int SizeY int SizeZ int bits_per_voxel - 8,16,32, 32 means float values ...raw voxel data... --- The thing is though, I don't know how this translates to the actual writing of a file. When I open a rawvox file in a text editor, all I see is 'XOVR' followed by unreadable characters. Does this mean I can't just write a file directly - must it be converted to something that's not human-readable first? Any help would be greatly appreciated! What would a rawvox file of a simple model look like - say a 3x3 cube of solid voxels?