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  1. Seems to have worked. 20 gbs of my 25 gbs data where copied over. Is there a log that shows what was left behind? I have a few kitbash kits I purchased from Gumroad & Artstation as well as some greebles I've modeled myself over the years in Wings3D, Hexagon, Silo3D, 3DC & MOI3D. Cheers again and many thanks for your kindness. Kenmo
  2. Applink to DazStudio and Applink to Silo3D.
  3. Migration Master? I completely forgot about it. Will give it a try. Many thanks... You are fast becoming my most favorite person in Argentina ever.... :-)
  4. Carlosan - thanks kindly for the reply. Really appreciate it. However in my "E:\Documents" folder I have folders "E:\Documents\3DCoat-2021" and "E:\Documents\3D-CoatV49" and 3DC has not sensed the "3D-CoatV49" and therefore has not converted it over. Should I merge the content of the two folders into "E:\Documents\3DCoat-2021" ? And how do I copy the content of the 3D-CoatV49 folder with it's older directory structure over to the new directory structure of 3DCoat-2021? Is there not a new tutorial explaining how to do this? Surely if 3DC can take the time to create a Rhino sculpting video they can take the time to create videos about the fundamental issues like this. Again many thanks & cheers Kenmo
  5. BUT data files should NEVER be stored on the same drive as the operating system. Data should be stored on a separate physical hard drive and Windows folder "Documents" or "My Documents" should be moved from the C drive (or whatever hard drive the operating system resides on to a drive dedicated only for data. This makes it easier to create a disk image of your operating system (via Macruim Reflect, Windows Backup, etc) and for regular backups of your data files. And this is one of the reasons I had issues with the Blender Applink and refuse to use it until it stops insisting our data reside on the same disk as our operating system.
  6. It appears to me (and I maybe wrong) but the directory structure for earlier versions of 3DC has been changed in 3DC 2021. Am I wrong? Is there a way to merge my old 3DC 4.5x content & data with 3DC 2021? Also looking forward to some new tutorials (hopefully by Abranger) on the new tools. Really enjoying the 3DC 2021. It simply rocks. Love it guys, please keep up the great work. Many thanks and looking forward to a reply... Cheers from Nova Scotia.... Kenmo
  7. Love it and a great idea....
  8. Sorry, but that is just plain DUMB for 3DC to name a Photoshop brush as a texture. I've been using Photoshop for a long time and I've NEVER heard any Photoshop user call a Photoshop brush, a texture. Kyle Webster creates many ABRs for Photoshop and not heard him refer to a PS brush as a texture. 3DC needs to fix this with the proper nomenclature of "PS Brush" . It simply causes confusion. Cheers & many thanks for an outstanding app. Kenmo
  9. Love Arrimus 3D channel. Like Abranger & JoshjGambrell (part of the Blender Bros team) an awesome instructor. These three are some of the very best.
  10. Then export the part but make sure you select "Selection Only" Or else you will export the entire kit. "OBJ Groups" I hope this is acceptable for your needs. It works for me.
  11. I purchased the Steampunk Kit from Artstation. All parts are contained in a single OBJ. I could not find a way in 3DC to save each part as a single OBJ. So I imported the single OBJ into Blender where I am able to export each part as an OBJ by selecting the part in the layer panel.
  12. Love 3AD Coat 2021. I am very glad I upgraded. My only disappointment is the auto retopo. It is still light years behind Quad Remesh and not even close.
  13. And where exactly are these data and UserPrefs located? A complete file path or unc would be appreciated. Thanks kindly.
  14. Wow....I must check these out. Many thanks for the links...
  15. I gave up on this Blender link. Too many issues which the developer could not assist me with. Too bad as I love Blender and love the idea of this add-on. But not worth te hair pulling and teeth gnashing.
  16. Substance Painter is now part of the Adobe family. So that solves it for me. 3DC all the way. I already give Adobe too much money for the privilege of renting Lightroom and Photoshop. 3DC 2021 and ArtRage (2D painting) are the two best bargains for digital artists... 3DC 2021 is incredible and I had no problems putting down my money for the best deal of the year!!!!!
  17. Sketchup models are very messy and do not import well into the 3D apps I have even when exported from Sketchup Make as an DAE or OBJ via a Sketchup add-on. Blender has a SKP addon that works very well. PconPlanner was recommend on the DAZ3D forums and imports SKP models and can be exported to a few 3D file formats including OBJ, FBX & STL and without some of the issues other 3D apps have. Best of all it's FREE https://pcon-planner.com/en/ Cheers Ken
  18. Carlosan - many thanks for the tip. I truly appreciate it. I'll give it a try. Cheers & many thanks...
  19. I fully understand. I have issues with other software that I love as well. I use Photoshop, Lightroom, Corel Painter, ArtRage, Blender, DAZ Studio, MOI3D, e-onsoftware's Vue. Love them ALL. But they are have issues. So nothing is PERFECT in this world. 3DCoat is simply one of the best pieces of 3D a software out there. I just do not have good luck with the auto retopo process and have NO interest in manual retoping. For me, nothing comes close to Quad Remesher.
  20. No. I much prefer 3DC and believe 3DC is awesome. And I am a registered user of 3DC and will be upgrading to 3DC 2021 as I truly believe it is worth every penny. However the only thing Blender does better is auto retop via it's Quad Remesher plug-in, which is a commercial plugin and not FREE. Sorry if I somehow offended you. It was not my intent.
  21. I still find the Blender addon Quad Remesher is a much superior product to anything 3DC or 3DC2021 can do and much faster.
  22. Your link does not work. Here are the results when I clicked on it.
  23. I enjoyed Glen's Silo3D tutorials. So what would be the basic cost for the VR hardware required for Gravity Sketch?
  24. It certainly does sound cool. But the cost of the VR hardware is a big concern for a near 70 year old retiree like myself. I've always enjoyed your youtube channel. I hope you have some tutorials on Gravity Sketch like you did on 3D scanners. Cheers Kenmo
  25. I find it much easier to just export the model in Blender as an OBJ to a common folder and then import it into 3DC. When finished in 3DC export it to the common folder as an OBJ. This Blender plugin is too buggy to use and too frustrating to maintain.
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