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  1. Isn't there a problem with exporting uv mapped models from C4D to an obj? Cheers Ken
  2. Of course you are correct.... Once Wings3D file format is added someone else will want Blender, Vue or Cinema4D.... So I agree his fine efforts would be better used in other directions.... Cheers Kenmo
  3. I agree 100%.... We need more video tutorials with English dialogue... Too bad Geekatplay http://www.geekatplay.com wouldn't do some tutorials. They have great tutorials on Vue and Hexagon....
  4. Thanks kindly Andrew for your reply..... It's a great app you have developed.....
  5. I'm really impressed with 3DC but I find some of the tutorials a little awkward to follow.... I also would prefer more video tutorials with audio.... Is there any chance there will be some future English videos released? Thanks kindly....
  6. It would be nice if 3DC had the ability to import Wings3D native files... Is there any possibility this will happen in the near future? Thanks kindly....
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