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  1. On my computer in the following folder "C:\Users\kenmo\Documents\3DC2Blender\ApplinkObjects "I have several FBX files
  2. 3D Coat is installed in C:\Program Files" My 3D Coat assets (primitives, models, shaders, PBR materials, brushes, etc) are stored on my computers G drive in folder "G:\ 3DCOAT\3D-CoatV48". 3D Coat created the "Exchange" folder in "G:\ 3DCOAT\3D-CoatV48\Exchange" - I did NOT create. 3DC created it. I have good computer troubleshooting skills as I was employed for 35 years in the computer industry as a network systems server admin. I am now retired. However I now prefer to use my computer for editing my digital photography RAW files, digital painting & 3D modeling\rendering. When I fire up Blender, 3D Coat, Daz Studio, e-onsoftware's Vue, Photoshop, Lightroom, Painter, ArtRage, Moi3D, Silo3D, etc. I want to create stuff and not go through this insane things to make this Blender Addon work. It should just work without all this fudging. It's just simpler to not use the Blender addon and do things the old manual way. A way that works. The plug in a nice idea and work flawlessly in the past. Perhaps you are using a different version of Windows than I or a a different OS? I am running Windows 10 Home 64 bit Version 1909 OS build 18363.1198 I mention this as I'm thinking the issue was a recent Windows update or patch that Microsoft pushed out. Are Mac OS users having this issue? Or Windows users who have an earlier build of Windows? How about Linux users? (Not sure if 3DC has been ported to Linux or BSD) Thanks for your efforts and I wish you all the best with your school studies. Please take care.
  3. @haikalle Removed the Blender Addon in 2.9.2 and installed you supplied above. Re-launch Blender and create a cube in Blender. From the N panel I select send to 3DC. I am prompted for the folder where the Exchange_folder.txt file resides. I point it to "C:\Users\kenmo\Documents\3DC2Blender" and then it prompts me once again to point it to the folder. It's stuck in a loop. I've deleted the folder and recreated it a couple of times as well as the Exchange_folder.txt with the line "G:\3DCOAT\3D-CoatV48\Exchange" in the text file. Plugin is reporting to be ver 4.9.34 It's not working.
  4. That's the problem - I did NOT get it to work. It's still broken. That's OK. I'll think I'll avoid using this plugin as I fear there will be similar issues in the future and the turn around for a fix is way too long.
  5. PS: I do NOT get an ERROR message.
  6. Where do I find this Blender FBX Addon? Besides vanilla Blender already supports FBX file formats... Other than that I have no idea what you are suggesting. The Blender Applink simply does not work. It needs to be fixed.
  7. Sorry but I have no idea what you're suggesting I do. I'm running Blender 2.9.2 also. I give up on this Blender Addon until someone actually fixes the problem. Wasting way too much trying to figure an issue which should not exist. Never had this issue prior to about two months ago.
  8. My Blender folder for the Add on is C:\Users\kenmo\Documents\3DC2Blender And I placed the text file "Exchange_folder.txt" there with it's content being a single line being "G:\3DCOAT\3D-CoatV48\Exchange" My 3DC folder is the same as the line above G:\3DCOAT\3D-CoatV48\Exchange I loaded a model into Blender and launched 3DC. Using the Blender Addon I sent the model to 3DC for painting I look in folder "G:\3DCOAT\3D-CoatV48\Exchange" And there are NO models in that folder. However there is a next text file "import.txt" with the following lines in it C:\Users\kenmo\Documents\3DC2Blender\ApplinkObjects\3DC004.fbx C:\Users\kenmo\Documents\3DC2Blender\ApplinkObjects\3DC004.fbx [ppp] [export_preset Blender Cycles] However the model is present in "C:\Users\kenmo\Documents\3DC2Blender\ApplinkObjects" Something is broken. We need to have it fixed and stop with the kludging, workarounds, guessing and fudging. Thanks very much for your attempts to assist. I do appreciate it.
  9. Edit code myself? Not going to happen. Although formally trained as a programmer other then coding some Novell Netware login scripts and Windows server batch files, I have not coded in a proper programing language in over 25 years!!!! Later half of my IT career I was a system admin for file & print servers - Novell Netware, Windows Serve and SUSE Linux. At the time I loved to code bit been away from it too long and TOO old to re-learn (close to 70 years old).
  10. I did as you suggested. Still same results. However NOW each time I run the Blender Addon, I must re-enter the folder on the N panel. Instead of all these kludges and work arounds why not have the 3DC team and author of the Blender Addon find out WHY it is NOW not working after working flawlessly. I suspect a Windows 10 update broke something and now it needs to be resolved by those responsible for the coding.
  11. However I can import the model into 3DCoat using file import. Is there a setting in the 3DC that I am not aware of?
  12. The model appears in the ApplinkObjects folder. But is not passed on to 3DC 4.9.64
  13. I imported a model I created in MOI3D into Blender 2.9.2 and tried an exchange to 3DC for per pixel painting.
  14. I uninstalled the addon that ships with Blender 2.9.1 and installed the one in this thread "io_coat3D_new5.zip" and it does put some models in FBX format into folder C:\Users\kenmo\Documents\3DC2Blender\ApplinkObjects But they are not passed onto 3DC 4.9.65 GL
  15. Launching the command prompt as Administrator and doing a directory listing for hidden files - there was nothing in the 3DC2BLender folder
  16. I just installed Alpha ver 2.9.2 of Blender and I get this error message.
  17. Sorry, that's a not an acceptable excuse. I would like to start working on putting aside some money for the upgrade. Poor planning on 3DCoat's part is not an acceptable answer to a loyal customer who is now on a reduced income because of retirement. Sorry if I appear to be argumentative or confrontational. That is not my intention.
  18. Late summer, early autumn the Blender applink stopped working on my Windows 10 I7-4770S / GTX 1060 computer. Previously it worked flawlessly. I was building a replacement computer based on the Ryzen 7 3700 CPU and RTX 2060 so I put up with it, believing when I do a fresh install of Windows, Photoshop, Lightroom, 3DC, Blender and DAZ Studio, everything would work fine. And everything is... EXCEPT the Blender applink is not working on my Ryzen pc. I suspect a Windows update broke something. I do have folders "C:\Users\kenmo\Documents\3DC2Blender" and an exchange folder in the folder I've defined for my 3DC assets - "G:\3DCOAT\3D-CoatV48\Exchange" I did not create these two folders. They appeared after I installed the 3DC addon in Blender and launching 3DC & Blender. However NOTHING appears in the folder. Perhaps I using the wrong Blender version? If that is the case WHY doesn't this forum have a link for the correct Blender Addon as they do for Modo, 3DMax, etc instead of telling users to search Github for it? As I've said this plugin worked flawlessly a couple of months ago and then suddenly it was broken. And now on a pristine install of Windows, 3DC & Blender it still is not working.
  19. Sorry but I have NO contempt. Just curious as I would like to start budgeting. Not sure WHY I have to send a private e-mail when I'm sure there are many other 3DC users who would like to know the upgrade price. This secrecy bothers me greatly. Suggesting a private e-mail to obtain the upgrade price opens up speculation (which is probably unfounded) that there maybe different upgrade prices for each user.
  20. I find it troubling that the upgrade price for long standing users has not been disclosed yet the price has been for new customers. In most business models customers with a long relationship are held in a more favorable light then new customers. Now I understand fully why they would be given a more generous discount, and that is not my point of contention. I really do not appreciate NOT knowing what the upgrade price will be for customers who have been using this wonderful app for a long time. Why the secrecy on the upgrade price?
  21. It would be nice to know what the exact price would be for those who already own C3D 4.x so we could at least start putting aside some pennies. Not all of us are professional artists. Some maybe like me, a hobbyist who is retired and on a small pension.
  22. Love the cartoon, paintery look of this. Many thanks for posting and sharing.
  23. Incredible work of art. Many thanks for sharing. I can see the influence of a whale or hammerhead shark in this spaceship. Just brilliant!!!!
  24. As a long time user of Wings3D and Wings3D forum member I was not aware of Andrews involvement with Wings3D. I still like to fire up that app on ocassion.
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