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    3D Print quality ?

    the trick is to understand how voxels work (v next to layer name). It is a 3d grid with uniformly sized "cells". So to get the finest quality you need to crank up voxel density prior to voxelizing your mesh object. When it voxel mode fill all air pocket and other things that can cause issues, then turn your model into mesh again (you should get "s" next to layer name) then decimate to reasonable value. There's no single "correct" value - all depends on model scale and what your machine (3d printer / mill etc) can handle. You should aim to get as few polygons as possible - but enough to retain all the features you need. For me voxels are one of the main reasons I have 3D Coat in my arsenal. It allows me to fix files that would be a major pita otherwise.
  2. Mihu, I guess that's to be expected - it seems we're getting quite a bit of new features and features rewrite / optimizations (which probably is one of the reasons Linux builds got suspended) and that's BETA thread after all . But totally agree that at one point I'd love to see bug fixes and workflow improvements.
  3. as others I'm looking forward for the updated Linux build - some of the features (like improved booleans) would come in handy in my workflow. If you can top it off with 3dConnexion support all the more awesome.
  4. any updates on getting Linux version up to speed? Would love to try those improvements - especially with booleans. Also I think that ability to set up data folders via menu entry is nice touch - save a bit of hassle in form of settings up env variables.
  5. Thx for the reply Sergyi . Thumbs up for keeping Linux builds going. I second the sentiment of trying to build under Centos 7 (7.5) - in my workshop we use "enterprise" distro as well, and those tend to have glibc that is not as "fresh" as the one in recently released Ubuntu.
  6. not my intention pbowmar - I'm just trying to point to a solution that at the very least will please SOME users, rather than relying on one that won't please the ones you're talking about (if WINE is ok - I still fail to see why appimages / flatpaks that would bundle wine and 3dc would be a bad choice, studios would still have an option to do WINE stuff manually) and would be a hassle for the rest . As said I have no clue how much of a percentage of total 3DC sales studios that need to follow AMPAS make. P.S. Got any link to AMPAS certification standards? Curious about those... @ajz3d I'm not saying WINE is ok - check my post. I'd definitely prefer good native version. But as members of Pilgway team mentioned Linux builds have been dropped for the time being and direct us to use WINE I'm trying to make the best of the situation.
  7. ... yeah, because WINE will , c'mon... But apart from that (WINE not a solution if we take your strict standards), but what's the problem with Appimages? They can be sandboxed etc. If you go Flatpak way you get even more security - and some extra benefits when it comes to "unbundling" your app from the libraries (but with a price - you need to get into its architecture and from what I hear harder to set up). Both solutions IMO way better that asking us to set up WINE. Side note - I run a small workshop and wouldn't have any issues running Appimage / Flatpak. My guess is for huge chunk of users it wouldn't be a problem as well (don't know sales data so it is wild guess). If it is a problem for a given studio... simply don't use it... Go manual WINE etc route we're directed towards at this point of time.
  8. ouch... so if it is running better under Wine my suggestion is to package 3DCoat+preconfigured WINE as an Appimage. This way we'll get well performing application that will run easily on almost any modern distro (with Appimage / Flatpaks you can bundle all required libs along and those will get used instead of system ones). https://appimage.org/ On top of that it will make it easy to handle desktop integration (shortcuts, icons and so on).
  9. any chance for the Linux build to get an update?
  10. on Linux with Gnome 3.26.2 and Nvidia 410.78 (GTX 980) realtime render is broken. Does not refresh correctly and makes other windows stuck (for example if you play a video in your web browser you don't see the actual progress of the video, but you can hear audio working normally - as soon as you stop realtime preview the "state" catches up). Tried on Xfce and there it works as it should.
  11. any chance to see updates to the Linux builds?
  12. Przemas

    Modo appLink

    sorry for not getting back sooner. On my end I didn't see any bugs in the log. And here's the interesting part - after trying to make it work for an hour or so I gave up and removed the applink. To my surprise when I launched 3DC a bit later it started with a mesh I've wanted to transfer via applink. So it seems I might have given up too early - I'll try to make it work again in a near future. It would come in handy as I've started using 3DC a bit more recently and a way to quickly move models between 3DC and Modo would come in handy. In a future I hope that Foundry will open up a method they use for Unreal a bit and also hope 3DC would be able to use such option - of course if it will mean we'll get transfers from app to an app faster and more reliable .
  13. is there a known back version without this regression? Tried 4.8.18 and I'm getting the same problem. It can be workaround by duplicating the layer (duplicated layer work for a time, then you need to duplicate them again), but I'll gladly fall back.
  14. thank you Carlosan, that's it . I'm struggling with one bug though - in both voxel and surface mode sometimes unhidden part of the object is getting damaged (sort of like surface has been offset a tad) . It does not happen every time - but makes me super careful when dealing with the vox/srf hide.
  15. I'm trying to use window (rectangle) selection with surface hide. The problem I have with it is that only front facing items get hidden - I'd like to include backfaces as well. Is it possible?