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  1. Thanks Andrew, Hmm... it happens on 3 different systems, all x64, one Vista, two Win7, 2 QuadroFX 4600, one QuadroFX 4500. I'm using the x64 version of 3D-Coat 3.5.04A, bug is in both, CUDA and SIMPLE versions.
  2. In this build (3.5.04A) painting with the airbrush tool still is completely bugged. Looks like this:
  3. Hmm... airbrush in PTex mode seems to be completely broken... or is it just me?
  4. debris

    3.3.14A crashes in PTex mode

    OK, crashes are gone now with the latest 3.3.14D re-re-re-re-upload! Thanks Andrew!
  5. Just in case someone didn't notice: 3.3.14 has been re-re-re-re-uploaded (now at 3.3.14D).
  6. debris

    3.3.14A crashes in PTex mode

    Hmm... just uninstalled 3.3.14A, cleaned up everything (all folders containing "3D-Coat" in its name) and re-installed 3.3.14C (why isn't that mentioned in the updates-thread, or at least very well hidden that there are new versions?). Result: it still crashes reliably after the progress bar of the fill tool reaches its end. This is on Win Vista x64. On the very same hardware at home (Win7 x64) it works. Is there a list of directories that 3D-Coat writes to? Maybe I forgot to delete a settings / temp folder?!
  7. debris

    3.3.14A crashes in PTex mode

    Thanks haikalle! I just noticed it only crashes at work... at home everything is fine. Gonna check my installation tomorrow! Cheers
  8. 3D-Coat 3.3.14A (don't know whether that's the first version where it started, but it's the first version I noticed it) crashes as soon as I try to fill a layer in PTex mode with e.g. the "Strips" pattern. The progress bar reaches the right side and then 3D-Coat crashes hard and even forgets all preferences after restarting it afterwards. Is it just me or can someone confirm this?
  9. debris

    3.3.13 Pen not following mesh

    Confirmed here...
  10. Thanks Taros, thanks Andrew! The distance "should" be at least 4 pixels, according to the settings in Softimages "PolyPackUV" operator. I will re-check this. How many pixels does it need at least? I don't want to waste precious UV space with black holes Cheers Steffen P.S.: I would rather use a more contiguous UV layout but I'm still on the search for the correct UV smoothing setting in 3D-Coat. While "Smooth but keep edges" works supernice with mental ray's UV smoothing, it seems that none of the 4 settings is the right one for Arnold / Houdini / Renderman (they all share the same UV smoothing AFAIK).
  11. No, my problem is not solved... and I can't change the subject line as I'm not an admin / moderator... Sorry, if my description was unclear or the 2nd posting with the Ptex UVs made it unclear. In Ptex mode everything is fine, in other modes padding bleeds into neighbouring UV islands. EDIT: Hey Taros, could you please change the subject of this post back to "unsolved" or whatever? Or would you recommend me to open a new thread for it?
  12. OK, here a screenshot of the same object in Ptex mode. As you can see the distance between the UV islands is even smaller, BUT the padding is perfectly centered and no seams appear. This is the desired behaviour for the other modes, too.
  13. OK, quick update on this one. The padding NaN problem is fixed, thanks Andrew! Now I have another problem related to padding. I have to use a "1 poly = 1 UV island" UV layout to get undistorted results in Arnold and Houdini (and maybe in every other renderer that uses Renderman compatible UV smoothing... I'm still trying to find the correct UV smoothing option to use handmade UVs directly). So far so good. I just noticed that even in the 3D-Coat viewport I get visible seams after baking a Ptex object to microverts. I found out that the new padding seems to bleed into neighbouring UV islands (see screenshot) where it shouldn't. The UV island are close to each other (roughly 4 pixels of space for a 2048x2048 texture) but don't touch each others. Padding should ideally meet in the middle between two islands, but shouldn't ever bleed into "foreign territory". Cheers & thanks again
  14. debris

    uv-set smoothing

    Thanks for the info! After doing many tests, I found out that for mental ray subdivision surfaces (at least when rendered from Softimage) "Smooth UVs / Keep Edges" is the option that produces perfect results! I'm still searching for the right option to get perfect seams with Arnold / Mantra (which both use Renderman compatible UV smoothing). Maybe some Renderman user can help me out...