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  1. So I was updating from 3DC 4.5 to 3DC 4.7.06 and I kept getting the error message "serial number not in DB" Well it turns out that the serial number I was trying to use was off by one digit, I was putting in a 's' instead of an '8' (what a dumb ass)(I could have sworn it was correct) Thanks for replying with my correct serial number Andrew, and putting up with a dumb ass
  2. c.1

    A great exhibit is in Vancouver right now

    Is it wrong that the "bull" picture made me want to go to the Yaletown Brew Pub for a beef short rib sandwich and pint of IPA?
  3. c.1

    3D-Coat 4.5 released!

    Thank you for this AWESOME update!
  4. Thanks for the heads up! That's a cool little app. ( at $2.99 it doesn't really break the budget does it) and I can use a Wacom stylus as well. A pretty sweet deal. Cheers
  5. c.1

    Verve : fluid dynamic painting !

    This is just way too much fun to play with.................(I am talking about Verve of course)
  6. c.1

    4.1 Released! (Current stable version)

    Thanks and cheers!!
  7. c.1

    V4 Stable version

    Thanks Javis, It wasn't the little Wacom at all it seems to be when the brush depth gets over a certain % then it just eats geometry (I had never had that happen before so I mistakenly blamed the newest hardware) That sound like a great plan to download and work with the latest build. Cheers!
  8. c.1

    V4 Stable version

    I just bought a new "Wacom bamboo wireless touch/stylus pad" for roughing in on my laptop and well "grow" in the voxel room just eats all of the geometry like it was candy (it just disappears) win7 64 cuda gl 4.0.05
  9. Anybody coming to Vancouver to check Siggraph? The weather here is great in August and the city has sooooo much to offer. Great restaurants, beautiful scenery and Siggraph is pretty cool too.
  10. +1.... A happy and healthy new year to all! (and that includes all tv watching dogs too)
  11. Thanks for this link, I downloaded it now I just have to find the time to play with it Cheers
  12. c.1

    V4 Stable version

    Tried it, loved it, bought it!
  13. Merry Christmas to all and a happy and healthy new year!
  14. http://www.cgchannel...d-coat-brushes/ I found these on the Lightwave forum. I really liked them I hope someone else does too! Cheers!