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  1. ebitz's post in I need help in getting multiple objects from Blender into 3D Coat with their current UDIMS and Image maps? was marked as the answer   
    Hey michaelws. The blender applink will not export your textures. It will only export your mesh, udims. Send your model to the paintroom using the Applink (Per-Pixel Painting). When in 3dcoat open the "Texture Editor" under "Textures" main menu. In the editor you will see a drop down menu of your udims. In Blender you have to save out your texture images to a file. Blender will automatically give you the proper naming convention because it recognizes the images are UDIMS. In 3D coat load those images under "Textures" --> "Import" --> "Color/Albedo". 3D coat will ask you to load each udim with a dropdown. Simply select the right image file for the corresponding UDIM number. The will load and be placed on your model. I do not believe there is a way to load all the udims at once. You have to do them one at a time. It will become clear once your there.
  2. ebitz's post in [Solved] Slow performance with every build. Feels like 20fps viewport. was marked as the answer   
    Sometimes if you delete the "3DCoat" and "3DCoatV4" folders in your /home/Documents folder, which 3DCoat automatically generates on initial run of the program, will solve some problems with the development builds. May be a good place to start. You will lose your preferences and any user level changes you made. Recommended just renaming the afore mentioned files with something different like "3DCoat_old" or "3DCoatV4_old" and run the app again so 3DCoat generates new files and you don't lose your prefs. If it starts behaving normally then you know the issue was somewhere in the files you renamed.
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