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  1. Well, I sort of got it working. I found that the choice I was making, voxel primitive, didn't seem to work, no matter whether 3D-coat was opened, closed, whatever, even though all I had open in blender was the default cube. It will export the .obj, but nothing shows up in 3D-Coat if you make that choice. If I choose pixel painting, it works well though. Do I have to clear the model out of the folder to export another model? I also couldn't seem to get it to work completely with other voxel settings, and the scaling of the object in 3D-Coat seems to vary with what choice you make for export, which seemed weird, should be the same .obj I would think.
  2. Is there a way to get this to work? I've tried both the default add-on, and this one, on both Windows 7 and Mac, and neither one of them do what I thought it would do. It does export the model to the directory I selected, but it does NOT launch 3d-coat. Am I missing some sort of setting that needs to be changed in 3d-coat itself?
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    We will not participate SIGGRAPH 2009.

    You should just take a flight to Mexico and cross the border illegally. It seems it is FAR easier than getting a Visa these days. Pretty sad, we have "many millions" of new illegal immigrants every single year in the US, with about a 10% return/enforcement rate, and yet an upstanding and successful business man from the international community can't get permission to enter the country for a few days. The real sad part is this is my and many others, tax dollars at work. Sorry to hear you got denied.
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    3.0 :)