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  1. SYN7AX3RR0R

    Dragon WiP

    Hey Geika, thanks! I agree about the horns. It's a classic case of the "WIP". I'll probably redesign the shape, and definitely want a more intricate profile to them. The teeth also need a texture, and I'll need to drop more of a reptilian eye. For now this goes back to the backburner, I'll get back to it when I have some time. That dragon material was an edited SmartMaterial>default>paint_old_rust I'll try to post the material tomorrow. Here's that same SmartMaterial on another dragon
  2. SYN7AX3RR0R

    Dragon WiP

    Thought I'd post this here. It's been a while Textures for this dragon were created using Smart Materials. I really love the workflow! Sculpted in Blender (Dynamic Topology), rendered with Cycles using the new Principled BSDF (PBR) shader
  3. That was it!! Once enabled, the hotkeys from "CustomizeNavigation" start working. Much appreciated Carlosan! This feels so much better now
  4. Should I report this as a bug, considering that the commands in "CustomizeNavigation" don't seem to work? Can anyone confirm this?
  5. I remember way back (at least some 3 years ago), I was able to manipulate (Move, Scale, Rotate) Stencils in the viewport (this was before the Smart Material). About the time the full color Stencils got moved under the Smart Material, I was not able to set up Stencil+SmartMaterial manipulation in viewport with a Mouse+ModifierKeys. I go to Camera > CustomizeNavigation > and set desired mouse+key combo for Move,Scale,Rotate Smart Material, but it has no effect. I double checked that I don't have any conflicts. As far as I remember this used to be the place to set it up. Am I doing something wrong or is this broken? I really dislike having to use the transform gizmo for stencils. If I use the top Bar - it's hard to move up (end of screen) With the gizmo, it defaults to the center of Stencil/SmartMat also hard to grab it once you zoom in and center goes off screen. Also manipulating the Stencil with hotkey mouse kombo the cursor is the pivot for the transforms, this makes it much easier to work with. Any clarification/help is appreaciated. Thanks
  6. SYN7AX3RR0R


  7. SYN7AX3RR0R

    V4.1 BETA (experimental 4.1.17D)

    Hey Gav, Awesome character, and sculpting!!! My favorite I've seen from you. r
  8. SYN7AX3RR0R

    Toon Monster | voxels

    Hey thanks LJB! I opened this old model as a test dummy for Voxel Texture Painting. Did a minor tweak on it with SurfaceTools LC. Painted on it (no UVz) > Exported heavily decimated > did an autoUV on it > and baked back the Diffuse and bump. The workflow has improved a bunch since I've sculpted this. Good work Pilgway. Rendered in blenderCycles.
  9. SYN7AX3RR0R

    another Sketchthread!

    Hey Markus, that Arnie sculpt is amazing, great likeness! Rock on.
  10. SYN7AX3RR0R

    SurfaceMode Booleans Test

    Hey, Just wanted to say that i'm ipressed how well the surfaceMode booleans are working. My test was with 3d-Coat-V37-01B-CUDA64 I was working on a a full body sculpt in sculptris and along the way started the arms as a separate mesh. Tried merging it in meshMixer, but it was crashing all the time. Didn't really want to go through voxels as I really didn't feel like breaking the mesh density that i had in sculptris. Then I remembered I could import in voxels on a Surface Layer without voxelizing, thought of giving it a try. It worked flawlessly!!! Props on getting this working so well!! I've later also merged the some hands i once modeled as a poly model. This really opens up a workflow for me using 3dc and sculptris. Hopefully some day the brushes and the feel of 3dc surface gets to my liking some day. As one could have figured, i really like the feel of sculptris. I'd attach some images but there's nudity, so out of respect to Andrew I'll leave it out. If anyone is interested they can check out my site, the girl sculpt. Nice work Pilgway!
  11. SYN7AX3RR0R

    Gbball's sketchbook

    that's looking cool. pretty good translation of the 2D concept. one thing you could add more detail to is the ear. not a lot, just a bit to get it closer to what's on the concept. good to see you having the time for some 3D.
  12. SYN7AX3RR0R

    Voxel Head

    sucks monkey balls! ...well ok maybe it's not that bad inspiring stuff, looking forward to see more from you.
  13. SYN7AX3RR0R

    Best Speedsculpts

    i did a capture of a sculpt when i first tried 3dc. not a speed sculpt really, could be if it was maybe sped up a bit and if some parts were edited. 2 vids on vimeo http://3d-coat.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=4291&st=0&p=37358entry37358
  14. SYN7AX3RR0R

    how to preserve details?

    Currently the only way to preserve rez is the way you had tried. Source layers adopt the voxRez of the target Layer. You have to increase the target layer to desired level to preserve detail. There has been some mention of developing something like liveClay on the voxel end. I'm not aware if it's still on the list. I wouldn't be surprised if liveClay got good booleans some time down the road. Either would be a solution for you issue. I have performed booleans with voxels in hiRez and my RAM would peek to 7+ GB (out of 8GB), no crashes. It took time, but I found it very stable. In the current state of 3DC you can leave that step for the end, increase your voxLayer rez and merge.
  15. SYN7AX3RR0R

    Marupura's sketchbook

    awesome!!! as good as it gets.