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  1. Little short video i made in a rage of the work XD
  2. http://bit.ly/29E5lM7 Thx a lot Mate!
  3. Thanks a lot! An Update of the structure:
  4. For the same Game XD UFO Online: invasion
  5. Yeah a lot off! Btw, why you did none-mirorred UV? both sides looks simmilar
  6. Sorry for necroing. I can suggest one tehnique we developed for our game engine, pretty fast and ultra accurate in the avilable tech level (not HBAO) mask applyed to color buffer If interesed i can share it privatly via skype or PM
  7. In my research normal maping and tangent space calcs i found interesting method to control the artifactless and very accurate TS generation via per-triangle to per-vertex tangent space co-respondence, i think this method can be added to the TS Calculation algo list in the 3Dc. It can produce 16bit normals maps that is vry usefull in the modern PBR pipeline (via BC5/ATI2n/3Dc for sure). This method is used in Cryteck Polybump software. Main article Alt article page 43 Source code from ShaderX book
  8. I dont know does any other 3Dc users met this issue via their workflow but i want to suggest some ideas that used commonly in most baking resolves. In 3Dc useing the overlapped and mirrored UVs cause to cross-bleed artifacts while baking from the material when the information can bleed from the co-coresponded triangles truely randomly and than in the game engine this mesh will have a lot of seams and so on. If the mesh have a shared islands with a lot of overlaps while baking it will be a lot of artifacts too and the worldspace map will be absolutly damaged and not readable. Because of long work with complex meshes the symetry partialy broken in destructive way and any new bake will cause a pain and artifacts. Some examples: and result of overlaping: -->> Many of game engines doesnt support the mirrored UVs and in this way to fix this issue goes to the real pain and waste of time. So the first resolve of this problem is use a "One Unit offset", when user are able to shift selected islands on one U/V unit in UVW-space to prevent the Baker algo work with this islands (Bakers only works with UVW 0 layer, but engines read whole set), in any case this offseted UVs will share same texture data from UV 0 in any game/3D engine i know, for the Unreal Engine this solution is only possible with mirrored/overlapped islands. I hope this feature will be added in UV and Retopo rooms and will save a lot of nerves and time for 3Dc Users.
  9. My personal respect for this, Kalten! I See you was fun with some D9 stuff too
  10. Wow) Awesome hull! All parts made in 3Dc? Btw, my turn:
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