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  1. Great collection! Whimsical and unique, congratulations.
  2. Capture the UV Map and save as an image file. then you can paint anywhere and still use the image file in your material. What do yo want to do, write notes?
  3. Do some other newbie a favor and tell us what you figured out.
  4. I see where she dropped her torch. Plenty of work to do before a torch will be needed again.
  5. When I attempt to download .43, I get the following:which says there's a trojan. The next link gives this:
  6. Many thanks, Leigh! It tempts me to start modeling a femal head.
  7. Some folks have googly eyes (from Barney Google and Snuffy Smith. now defunct).
  8. I delete the unused folders. They accumulate like dust bunnies.
  9. Both download sites still blocked with redirect error. .39 not available on google drive.
  10. Good job, Scary! His wounds look fatal...
  11. My pitiful attempts with that tool just made a mess. I think if I had the skill to make those corrections, I would have the skill to not make a mess in the first place. I caved and did it all in Sculpt and rebaked it.
  12. No, this is Paint. My solution is to erase what I have done and use more care in future.
  13. If 100% Smoothing is on, how can you smooth strokes that are too sharp? The Color Operations tool only works with color except the colors in the normals page of the texture editor. Nothing in Tweak works.
  14. Duh! Thanks for reminding me about the second line through them all. I use 3DC at wide intervals and have to relearn stuff.
  15. I do this in C4D and it creates a model with distinct polys and Selection sets for textures. In 3DC, I would boolean the objects in voxel mode and retopo the combination.
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