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  1. I had problems but 4..34 enabled a clean exit. Rendered in C4D/Octane.
  2. In Paint mode, Project the image onto the model (with Symmetry on). I am not in 3DC currently, but the menu is in the upper right corner.
  3. Works for me too (with the right menu). It used to be in the Popup menu.
  4. The UV Editor has disappeared from the Popup Menu? It was a handy way to fill separate islands with different colors. Where did it go?
  5. Perhaps Carlos doesn't have C4D, Octane, Redshift, Arnold, Maya, etc.
  6. Have you tried other unwrapping methods? Some will give awful results to some configurations.
  7. It works normally when used before any unwrap but if you unwrap and want to increase geometry, it makes seams that can't be erased.
  8. Turn Wireframe off (W) and you will see that there is nothing to Select. What is shown is the Sculpt mesh which can't be selected in Retopo.
  9. It makes you think twice about the Split Ring tool: Can you imagine getting the extra geometry with Add/Split?
  10. When I used the tool, it created seams that cannot be eliminated by the Mark Seams workflow or Select workflow.
  11. While messing with the shape you saw, the rest of my Retopo objects (Winch and Motor/gears) were lost, disappeared. I think I'll replace with manual Strokes since its mostly cylindrical.
  12. I tried regular Autopo without much success but with Instant Mesh all I had to do was increase the Polycount. With a lower count, the center was partially covered.
  13. Got this with the simple expedient of increasing the faces.
  14. Very Churchilian classic mask and very well done!
  15. That may be bad graphics. If they highlight when you mouse over, they are fine.
  16. Using that command works. Thanks. I reckon moving to the default needs a prior Unwrap to create a UV map.
  17. I have tried numerous times to move selected faces to another retopo group without success. I'm trying to get the copies into the Winch (Default) retopo object.
  18. I ran the command 'Move Selected' to the default (Winch) several times with no effect. I have used it with previous builds with expected results.
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