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  1. kirkl

    Material panel? Project painting?

    Thank you Carlosan
  2. kirkl

    Material panel? Project painting?

    So what's a replacement, How am I supposed to paint/project a photo on 3d object? Like an eye in the video?
  3. I have license but misplaced exe somewhere. I just don't understand anything in the current version
  4. kirkl

    Material panel? Project painting?

    I can't find that "material" panel in 3d coat (from last video). Only " smart material"
  5. Where old Material panel gone? I see Smart Material now but want just project paint a photo onto an UDIM model . How can I do so now?
  6. Whenever I try to import roughness channel into 3d coat I get noting even remotely close to what it should be looking like. Then if I Import same texture set into "PBR material" preset it's again looks totally different. What is the right procedure ? When I import just gray-scale single channel files it still asks me what channel ? Should I invert the roughness to turn it into glossiness ? I hate Substance Painter and prefer 3d coat so much but I get instant almost identical look there without any troubles
  7. kirkl

    smart material appearance

    I think I figure out the reason . It depends on curvature map which is depending a lot on geometry topology and there is nothing to do with it
  8. kirkl

    smart material appearance

    Why I get completely different material appearance on slightly different object? What input into that? Can I copy/paste layers in-between materials somehow?
  9. kirkl

    [SOLVED] how to make overlapping UVs unique ?

    Problem is I already have almost perfect "straight" unwrap for such things like rails and curved pipes comes from just how I model them. "Unwrap" button will turn them into bent zigzagged islands . In fact I need only pack and auto scale. Looks like it's not fbx dependent . In comes the same from obj also
  10. kirkl

    [SOLVED] how to make overlapping UVs unique ?

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/jd6uombrlrimznm/temp.fbx?dl=0 Here is cubes example. Sorry, I can't share my work model without permission. But I guess if you could make it working for cubes sides I would use the same solution for anything. ps, Actually I like how auto packers work in 3d coat. Much quicker than anywhere else I know of. Too bad they can't separate instances
  11. kirkl

    [SOLVED] how to make overlapping UVs unique ?

    Yes I am working in current UV set ( the only one that exists :defaultMat) The object is a few instanced armco rails that had its own original flat front projected unwrap originally. Now I want to make front, backside and edges of each instanced rail having its own unique UV space. First 3 buttons do not anything at all. "Auto scale" separates front and backside and multiple edge segments too. But still every object that was an instance of each other in modelling soft have their corresponding UV parts overlapped and nothing separates them until I shift them a bit manually. It's not a problem for a few things , but once you have a huge amount of initially instanced small objects like bolts for example , it turns to be virtually impossible. I hoped shuffle button should do what I want but in fact it doesn't work at all ps. to be precise Auto packs do place uv islands another way sometimes, but not separate overlapping ones at all. Just tried it with a few simple instanced cubes. No way 3d coat could make them unique in UV space
  12. kirkl

    [SOLVED] how to make overlapping UVs unique ?

    How can I use them? From what I read it does something opposite of what I want. I need not to put one island over another but rather put them in each own place
  13. I have a group of already nicely unwrapped objects with UVs sharing exactly same place. How can I pack them automatically into each having unique space? Whatever pack button I push nothing changes.