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  1. Thanks you very much Carlosan, It did help and works just fine after setting correct scale there
  2. No, I have pro license and it saves 4096x512 texture when it's not UDIM. With UDIM just 5 tiles it exports nothing but 2048x2048. When I saves form Texture >export it seems able to export in correct size. One file at a time. It's such a tremendous pain in ... much like importing UDIM tiles too. I hoped I am just doing something wrong.
  3. I am doing it exactly this way. And 3d coat exports 2048x2048 textures. Is it UDIM limitation and it only could be square files up to 2048 side?
  4. При том что ипортируя объект я ставлю разрешение 4096х512? Я давно не пользовался 3д коат но не помню чтобы раньше было ограничение на экспорт и главное непонятно почему квадратная текстура. Пожалуста, скажите что я делаю не так?
  5. Any progress with the subject? Loading 10 udim tiles/textures in 3dcoat is super painful . I constantly mess the order
  6. So we could load all udim tiles at once when we do Textures>Import>color/albedo or displacement ones. It's very annoying to import them manually especially in some non standard order they appear in the UV set list. I bet it's just a simple script or something. 3dcoat wouldn't cope with more than 10 tiles anyway so hope it wouldn't be too complex to load An ability to paint across UV tiles, more convenient projective painting and alternating brush dabs are the reasons I returned back to 3d coat from Substance Painter. Lets do those advantages truly useful. As for projective painting would be nice to borrow an idea of saved projections/projecting cameras from MAri. I constantly shift off accidentally from carefully matching image against a model. Would be nice to have same MAri feature here
  7. That feature only sync color layers, not the depth ones. So wouldn't help anything. And I need it on UDIM unwrapped mesh across the UV tiles. If it would be working somehow in screen space transferring screen content to say Zbrush 2,5d layers which are fully capable of correct "Max" depth blending it would be nice indeed. But why not just fix this in 3d coat. I guess it might make brush performance slow so let it be frame transfer only or working for locally on current layer only before "apply" button.
  8. Would be nice to have this issue fixed . I mean color(green) mismatching/ignoring resulting depth blending. It's a just a few extra calculations really. Should be simple like 2x2. I ask about it for a decade already. Same with layers blending. Common. it's possible to do right even in Photoshop.
  9. Would be nice if the clone tool would be working similar way the "patch" one does in Photoshop. I mean by adapting colors hue and intensity to surrounding pixels. Would be nice if it does the same with depth pixels too. The simple clone looks so outdated noways. I don't know how they did this but I have never used "clone " since. There is even better "patch" in Affinity Photo. Let it be Transform/copy maybe or a special tool option. Would be especially helpful to fix depth channel errors since simple eraser or height adjustment don't work very nicely for surface depth . I wish we would have more advanced pixel based depth tools so we could do sculpting and painting in a same process. I had that dream since my first 3dcoat experience. Sadly it never worked well enough. That self adapting mode could change everything. Might be true "blend" mode. The current one is hardly different from typical "add"
  10. kirkl

    Material panel? Project painting?

    Thank you Carlosan
  11. kirkl

    Material panel? Project painting?

    So what's a replacement, How am I supposed to paint/project a photo on 3d object? Like an eye in the video?
  12. I have license but misplaced exe somewhere. I just don't understand anything in the current version
  13. kirkl

    Material panel? Project painting?

    I can't find that "material" panel in 3d coat (from last video). Only " smart material"
  14. Where old Material panel gone? I see Smart Material now but want just project paint a photo onto an UDIM model . How can I do so now?