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  1. I noticed this message on the latest install of 4.7. Has something changed as I always though GL was for Quadros and DX was for GeForce cards. Its odd because both GL and DX64 run fine, but the DX version seems to run stupidly fast (400-500 fps) and cause my GPU to whine. Anyone else found this?
  2. Well card arrived alright and works like a charm. Super quiet (I actually thought there was a problem) and runs 3d coat really smoothly and Lightwave performance seems improved too. I made the jump to 2560x1440 resolution with a monitor upgrade as well and the extra desktop space is awesome. Overall I can definitely recommend this card, it draws less power and runs quieter than the old 570 and so far is great value. Thanks again for the recommendation.
  3. Hey all. I have ordered myself an EVGA NVIDIA GTX 970 FTW+ and will let you know how it performs once it arrives. Hopefully Wednesday
  4. This is the frustrating thing with most reviews, they only concentrate on gaming performance and nothing else. Reviews of pro (quadro etc) cover things like viewport perfromance and stuff that matters to us but not the consumer reviews. Sadly we are a small niche userbase that get overlooked in most mainstream reviews. But hey we have forums like these to help us out so it's all good.
  5. I would normally wait till the January sales but as I said in my first post my existing card has died. So needs must etc etc
  6. Thanks for heads up re the Titans AbnRanger. Sadly I've been stung in the past with 2nd hand pc gear so I only buy new now so I get a full warranty. I had a look on EBay and the Titans go for about £350 ($539) over here in Blighty, quite a bit more than the USA even after you factor in shipping and import costs etc All interesting and useful info. For now though I'm sticking with a 970 as price, power usage and current workflow all make it the most cost effective and useful. Cheers again guys.
  7. 3 out of 3 recommend the 970. So be it. The 970 it is, will get one ordered. Thanks for the opinions and advice guys, much appreciated.
  8. Hi all Some advice is needed please. My old 570 graphics card has sadly just died on me so I am now looking for a quick replacement. My choices are: GTX 970, 980 or 980ti Do the 980s give me any advantage over the 970 for 3d Coat and lightwave? All I seem to be able to find online is gaming and gpu rendering benchmarks. I don’t use GPU rendering and I don’t play games on my PC. If they weren’t so expensive I’d think about a quadro m4000 but they are insane money! Does anyone have any recommend cards and “bang for your buck” advice please? The programs I use are: 3D Coat 4.5, Lightwave 11 and a few paint programs along with your usual office apps etc. The rest of my system is an up to date Haswell i7 with 16 Gb of ram Many Thanks
  9. Hello I have been reading around but I cant find out how much use 3D Coat makes of multi and hyper threading. Is it better to have more cores at a lower speed or fewer cores at higher speeds? I understand that the more the merrier for rendering but I dont know how it works for modelling and sculpting. Does anyone know?
  10. Thanks for the info Aleksey. Good to know as it means I will have more budget for Cpu and/or RAM.
  11. Nice character design. Liking the toon style
  12. Very nice work, I really like the controller concept and its great to see your desgins printed in 3D.
  13. Hello I am thinking it’s time to upgrade my aging PC (Q6660 2.4ghz with 8Gig Ram) and I have been reading through the forum topics on this sort of thing. I have been seeing a lot of posts saying the 580 series of NVidia cards are still some of the best value and best performing cards there is for 3D coat. I currently have a 570gtx with 1.5Gb RAM on board. My question is this: Is my current card worth keeping if I am planning to build a new pc based around one of the Haswell 1150 socket PCs e.g. i7 4790K. The software I use is 3D Coat v3 (hopefully V4 soon) and Lightwave 11.6, I don’t have Octane or any of the GPU based render engines so I am wondering what benefits a newer card would give me (if any!) All opinions welcome as having to buy a new graphics card will have a huge impact on budget etc. and any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  14. Thank you and thanks also for the link carlosan, they will keep me occupied for many hours to come
  15. Hello, again...sort of. I originally joined here in 2009 and started learning 3D coat v3 but due to a load of other issues I've been away from 3D graphics for a few years. Im back now though so thought Id say hello to everyone. From looking at the posts and updates I have a lot to catch up on and re-learn. I assume the best place to start is still the "From Scratch" series of video tuts?
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