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  1. MattVG

    Animated Checker Pattern After Unifying UV Maps

    I didn't find any such command in the Retopo room and Show Voxels in Paint Room is off, nor were there any old objects, but I did discover that if I Unified the UVs, deleted the unused Surface Materials, then Applied the UV-Set, everything looks good in the Paint Room.
  2. MattVG

    Animated Checker Pattern After Unifying UV Maps

    The animated checker pattern did look exactly like the freeze tool, but now I'm getting a sort of black noise across the model when I unify UVs. Freezing and unfreezing didn't help this new issue.
  3. MattVG

    Animated Checker Pattern After Unifying UV Maps

    Thank you for posting the video, though it doesn't address my issue. I have a little robot. I added a name plate to it. I want 3D-Coat to use the same image texture atlas for the name plate that the rest of the robot uses so I don't have to re-texture everything. Instead I receive an animated checker pattern across every part of the robot.
  4. MattVG

    Animated Checker Pattern After Unifying UV Maps

    No one else has had this issue? I couldn't find any reference to it in the manual and no solution online.
  5. Hello, I texture painted a model composed of various objects that all use the same texture. Each object was UV unwrapped (in Blender) and packed such that they all fit next to each other so I can use a single texture. I brought this model into 3D-Coat, textured it, exported the texture, then realized I need to update one of the objects. I updated it, then imported the object into 3D-coat. I'm not sure exactly how to get the updated object to use the same texture all the other objects are using, but unifying the UVs seemed a good shot. After unifying the UVs, applying the changes, and moving back to the Paint room, every object is now textured by an animated checker pattern. What am I doing wrong? Thank you for the help.
  6. For posterity, what Javis did to fix the issue he explains thusly: Note: I had previously attempted it with symmetry off and it didn't change the outcome for me.
  7. I'm using 4.5.16. It's very odd because This is the second sculpt for this project I did today and the first turned out just fine. I'll PM you with a Dropbox link. I appreciate it.
  8. Thank you for your quick answers. Neither of those worked. I will try a combination of them though.
  9. Hello, I'm attempting to finish a rush job for a client, but am unable to retopologize the mesh due to "Faces deleted due to non-manifold in mesh." Then something about two faces overlapping. The message fades too quickly. It's a voxel sculpt I'm attempting to use autotopo on. How do I fix this? I've got to get this job finished within the next couple of hours! Thank you for your time, Matt VG
  10. I've decided to stick with Blender for now for three reasons: 1) it's within my budget (free), 2) I'm already familiar with it, and 3) It can do what I need it to do I just need to keep working with it. I'm still keeping my eye on Lightwave to see where it goes this next year. Cinema 4D is pretty much out for me with their new tier scheme since what I need is only offered in the "Studio" version. I may invest in V-Ray Stand-Alone as my external renderer, but my budget took a hit during the holidays so I need to recover from that. I figure most anything I learn in one package can be used in another so unless I hit a definite "brick wall" with Blender I'll stick with it.
  11. Yeah, I'm a Fine Artist who went to Graphic Design, realized I didn't care much for rearranging text and pictures on a page, and now I'm I've come back to Illustration with a focus on 3D and animation. The Blender renderer can make some very nice renders and soon it will have more features and faster ray-tracing but I can't seem to make it quite reach my vision - again, I need more study on the subject, but I don't think it's just me. I'll register on the V-Ray forums and see if I can get some info on the upgrade path.
  12. Oh, I thought I saw that V-Ray 2.0 for Max was released Dec. 6th. I could be wrong, but I assume that's the press release I linked to. In any case it's not what I need.
  13. Well, I must say this has been quite a productive discussion; exactly what I was hoping for For now it looks like I'll stick with Blender for modeling and animation and work around the frustrations. I'll save my hard-earned monies to leverage V-Ray 2 for my rendering needs. Oh, Christmas will be good this year. I still plan on playing with the LW and C4D demos and looking into further animation solutions such as Messiah, but for now I will use what I have and push it to its limits. Thank you everyone. Now, don't let me kill the discussion, you go right ahead. EDIT: It looks like V-Ray 2 hasn't been released yet for anything other than 3DSMax.
  14. Render quality, render speed, and render features for sure. One can make a good looking scene but it takes an inordinate amount of work. If you want indirect lighting or caustics then you must go with an external renderer. Modeling tools are dated, though there are plans to bring Bmesh (similar modeling to 3DSMax) to Blender. Blender sports many idiosyncrasies in the UI and tools such that there are times when I'm not sure if something is a bug or a feature and unless I can figure out how to work around it, I must alter my vision for the finished piece (particles are awfully iffy of late). Now, again, part of this is because Blender is in beta and some of my frustration stems from my last project that should have been a simple one-day event but stretched to three and still turned out less than I'd hoped. Oh, I thought of an example: if you want to use rigid-body dynamics you must switch over to the built-in game engine to set it up. It works, but it feels unrefined, like an afterthought and something you would intuitively realize. I'm definitely interested in seeing how LW fares with the upcoming release of version 10. Strong character animation tools are one thing that I'm looking for. I think Blender can probably handle it fine, but again, I'd like to see what else is out there. Oh, I guess I didn't realize V-Ray had a standalone version. That's quite tempting. Maybe I'll spend my money on a decent external renderer instead of a new modeling and animation package. There's also a V-Ray-Blender plugin in development. I can't speak for the liquid simulation but the smoke simulator is quite nice. For rigid body dynamics and such Blender uses Bullet. Blender seems to have a pretty decent simulation suite. That makes more sense now. Thank you for clearing that up. I'm still exploring the shallow end of the Blender animation pool so I'm not yet aware of just how strong the animation toolset is. It's good to know the LW animation system is fairly basic, but perhaps that'll change with version 10. @geo_n: Here's the product comparison for C4D. They add and drop various features based on the perceived function. For instance, you don't get dynamics or thinking particles outside of the Studio version.