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  1. now that I know about this problem I'm being safe- saving incrementally etc...agree will prob trash alot of the old files later also saved the most important layers-(my User folder looks crazy right now!!) for me 3dc has never really crashed a lot...(slow sometimes) if it does crash- I get the auto back up file with everything inside -am assuming this is a fairly rare bug
  2. that sounds good idea- my scenes are pretty big so incremental saves of whole scene every few hours adds up- layer saves sounds very sensible...will try
  3. Ellie123

    V4.1 BETA (experimental 4.1.17D)

    Hi Andrew, ok thanks - file retrieval not possible- is gone- data recovery failed. Please tell programmer to let me know if still is a problem in latest version or if something specific triggers this issue.
  4. OK Javis- I'm going to report the bug as critical . I am moving on and not going to try to recover the file at this point. I figured probably could have redone quite a bit of the work yesterday instead of wasting time trying for Data recovery. However, I will write to Andrew to see if it is solved. It is going to make my working hours full of paranoid incremental saving and backups if I don't think it has been addressed.
  5. NO one has responded on this issue!! I'm pretty upset. I spent 5 hours trying to recover my file but it is simply GONE. I bought the expensive recovery software but it didn't work. ZERO. There is nothing except the preview jpg. I do think this is a major SOS problem. Please someone give some assurance that this problem has been or is being addressed.
  6. Ellie123

    Pendant Raw Brass

    happy to see 3d c being used for 3d print- nice work!!
  7. Ellie123

    V4.1 BETA (experimental 4.1.17D)

    Ok I don't know yet if this bug was fixed- I don't see a listing for it in the version updates thread. Mainly it's same bug others had in thread on SOS section of this forum- where only the jpg of a file is left over and the file disappears from HD- think it is Mac issue I'm running 4.0.11 Mac- Planning to go the route of data recovery and hope I can get the file back. After this I will update to 4.0.13- but still would like to know if this Mac issue was fixed of the disappearing file (jpg only remains) info on this appreciated
  8. ok this same exact as above- just happened to me too - Mac user- 10.6.8 using version 4.0 .11 only jpg left over and 3b file is GONE -not in trash -exactly as others here describe even though I have been saving this since this morning Would say have lost about 5-6 hours of work today - not to mention my file was my final /at least another day's worth ( always do incremental saves so have ealier versions) I probably will try the data recovery listed above Am going to log this in on the beta thread since seems to be best place for it. Hoping can retrieve it with the other software- this is first big issue ever had in 3dc - usually most stable program I use in terms of the Auto backup on crash feature etc. rather shaken by this
  9. Ellie123

    Disc Man

    Very nice- really Like this - would make a nice 3d print
  10. Ellie123

    V4.1 BETA (experimental 4.1.17D)

    Just tried the split joints tool for 3d printing and it seems to work very nicely. Though I am wondering about a few items and if anyone else was testing it. my workflow is usually - to go from doing all booleans in V mode and then at the end (after I have made hull) go into S mode for small details and additional tweaks. SO now I'm liking this new joints tool in S mode but I'm wondering has anyone used it for 3d printed stuff and where in workflow they are using it? Would not want to go back into V mode after making a joint I'm worried about inaccuracies with shrinkage on the joints. Anyway i'll post back if I run a real test on this tool with a real print to confirm- but I am a bit nervous since my prints tend to be on the bigger side and don't like to make expensive mistakes. So anyone tested this yet for real ?
  11. Ellie123

    SurfaceMode sculpting presets

    It is working now that I put the .preset in the folder manually. I am a newbie to the sculpting area of 3dc (have used for retopo for some time) and so am grappling with learning the voxel and lc brushes. Thank you so much for creating these!!
  12. Ellie123

    SurfaceMode sculpting presets

    Hi thanks for the response- Sadly it is still not working. I did clean install of everything (yes latest update 412b) and got rid of 3.7. Then I selected install extension in UI , navigating and selecting the .3dcpack file (after unzipping the files in same location.) I can see by checking the 3dc V4 user folder directory that the folders have installed themselves. The penpack is installed and shows the 2 pens alphas from 3dc's UI. All your Artman xml files are in a nested folder in 3dcv4 user folder called Temp Presets inside Temp folder. However nothing comes up in preset Pop up window- nor can I right click the menu and load from any file. I see no document file with the extension .preset anywhere. When I make my own presets there is a .preset file that can be loaded in the pop up to link the xml files. Maybe someone can shed some light on this problem. At least tell me if there should have been a .preset file created during the install extension for Artman's brushpack. Or is there possibly some other item that is being done incorrectly. Thanks
  13. Ellie123

    SurfaceMode sculpting presets

    Hi Forum I've followed instructions to load Artman's presets but no luck. I did get the pen pack into 3d coat but had to drag the folder over manually into "patterns" in the corresponding 3dcV4 user folder. Can anyone tell me the file directory structure should be in order to get the tool presets loaded manually? I'm on Mac OSX 10.6.8 V4 beta 12b do have the old V3 installed still- possibly this is the issue? Help much appreciated.
  14. Ellie123

    modo AppLink

    Just would like to confirm that I am getting the same error message for Modo app link as the above user Jeemale (Modo 601 on Mac OSX-10.6. . In fact can't get the applink options menu to show drop down menu options. Just get a blank drop down and error message.
  15. Ellie123

    Help for broken relax tool

    Hi Forum, I've been using 3d-coat for retopo for some time but this is my first forum post. Yesterday my retopo relax tool stopped working. I installed the latest update but no luck. It is not my file but rather the program. Tested with clean new files etc. (Mac running snow leopard.) I would like if possible to delete the user config file and reset the program to defaults. Can anyone advise how to do this? I suspect this would fix this issue. Alternatively I assume I should de-install and reinstall. Is this done simply by throwing the App away? Advice much appreciated. Thanks in advance