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  1. Thank you for solving the issue, I appreciate it. I apologize if I was too annoying but now, as usual, you always help your clients out.
  2. I appreciate your reply but this is baffling, to be honest. How is it possible that people posting here have got their issue solved in 2 days max, and I have been dealing with this since July 14 and no reply so far? It is extremely frustrating to say the least. How long should I wait so I can get my mind around it? Not trying to be a jerk, but honestly what other reaction can a client waiting for 9 days for an answer could have?
  3. No luck on my side. I still can't upgrade after several attempts. I have sent several emails and no reply from sales at all. Anyone?
  4. I still have trouble upgrading. I have managed to log in and upgrade from my current Mac license, and place the order. After placing the order I keep getting the following message: Unfortunately, we could not process this order as no approval from the software vendor has been received.
  5. Hello, I just bought 3d Coat and I was looking for tutorials. I found the Starfighter tutorials and I have really enjoyed them and found them very useful. For me they are great because understandably there are more tutorials for organic models which are not a large component of my work. I would really like to see more environment tutorials though, not sure if other people would find that useful too. The only comment I have is that if this is a general sale, and not a special offer directed to 3d Coat users only, then the prices should be udpated across the site because I arrived to the tutorials doing a Google search. Even though I bought them three days ago, I still paid full price. Then I found this post so it feels a little bit silly to have paid full price when there was a good sale going on, that's all. I look forward to more tutorials!
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