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  1. arch3d

    Real-scale maps

    Hi all, I would like to ask you about using real-scale textures for paint. If i got e.g arroway texture i know real scale coverage (eg.1mx1m) So i would like to "fix" brush size. Is it possible? Thanks, Michal
  2. arch3d

    Autoscale UVs

    Hi, I have coupe UVs in one file. Is it possible to asign same scale at once to all of them? Thank you for help.
  3. arch3d

    Fixed camera on selected polygon

    Thank you, I was thinking about some automate.For example: Select poly RLM -->"face to camera". I have to paint many meshes to "catch" the pipeline
  4. arch3d

    Navigation setup

    Javis, btw thank you very much for quick respond. Cheers
  5. arch3d

    Fixed camera on selected polygon

    Hi all, I would ask You is it possible to fix camera facing perpendicular to selected polygon/island. It can be very helpful during painting process. Thank you for help
  6. arch3d

    Navigation setup

    Hello, I work in Softimage over 7 years...and in 3d-Coat 7 hours....I dont even know wich tools i'll use
  7. arch3d

    Clear seams on selected island

    Can I clear seams on selected island only?
  8. arch3d

    Navigation setup

    Hi all, I an Softimage user, and its very hard for me to use default navigation setup. I found only ZB and Maya Presets. Where can I find Softimage (if exists) navigation and/or shortcuts map ? Thank you for help. Cheers