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    Mask or Freeze in Voxel room??

    Thank you VERY much for your answer! I didn't realize this, although it makes perfect sense.. Bye!
  2. Hi everybody! I have recently been learning 3D Coat and its intuitive interface, incredible speed and robust and "full pipeline" (sculpt-retopo-UV-paint-render) tools continue to amaze me. However I miss some tool for masking, or freezing the voxels that I don't want to be affected .. I know in surface mode, there is the freeze tool and it works exactly as I would expect, but why is it not in the voxel room? It would be awesome, to be able to mask out some areas and sculpt without worying of unwanted modification of voxels I don't want to sculpt.. Or am i missing some other way to mask voxels in voxel room? Thank you for any answer and suggestion! Happy voxeling to you all!