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    How do I change UDIM export naming convention?

    OK, Thanks, Javis. Hopefully this is added in the future.
  2. Hello, I am trying to figure out how to change the ordering of the filenames when exporting tiles as UDIMs. In my case, I need the UDIM number to be at the very end of the filename. Hopefully there is a way to quickly change this, but I can't figure out where that is set up. Thanks!
  3. nervouschimp

    V4.5 BETA (experimental)

    Nope, I just did a clean install of the latest build and these are no longer included. According to the release notes, this is by design?
  4. nervouschimp

    V4.5 BETA (experimental)

    Can someone please tell me how I get the non-CUDA version back? I always run the non-CUDA version. The CUDA builds create artifacts in the voxel volumes that never happen in the CPU builds. I also have always found the CPU version to be more stable, and performance is great on my dual-xeon machine. There must be a way the user can override this, right?
  5. Bye Bye Substance Painter. This is what I have been waiting for. Thanks, Andrew! I'm very excited about this. Looking good so far! This is a big-time development. This is going to shake things up... let's hope!
  6. nervouschimp

    Revisiting Voxels (wow!)

    I have been using 3DC on the mac, mostly for the retopology tools, but I just recently switched to windows 7 on a new fast PC. I experimented a little with voxels in the early alpha days, but it sort of felt like trying to sculpt something out of a bowl of oatmeal, and on top of that, performance was not good. After experiencing 3DC 3.2 on a blazing-fast PC with win 7 x64, I think the pretty steep hardware requirements of this program are it's biggest obstacle. I'm hoping with fermi 3D-Coat performance will really leap ahead, and voxel sculpting may become the preferred method for many 3D artists. When I switched to windows, I asked pixologic to please migrate my zbrush mac license, and they said no, but they would be happy to sell me another license of zbrush. With the mac version now lagging behind the windows version for months, this made me very angry. Angry enough to start using 3DC for sculpting... and wow, this program is an entirely different experience on a fast desktop with windows 7. I don't think I can go back to using 3DC on the mac. I'm also unsure whether I even need zbrush at this point. I am really glad I bought a win/mac license of 3D-coat to start with, but at the same time, I wonder why developers choose to license their software to an OS rather than their customer. If your program runs on multiple platforms, why not let your customers have the freedom to install it on whatever they choose? Why not just make the pro license of 3DC multi-platform? Why charge a premium for this? The way that Luxology handles this is very customer-friendly. You are free to jump back and forth between windows and OS X depending on your needs, and work environment. Like pilgway, their mac version is only 32-bit, so they encourage you to boot over to windows if your scene demands more memory. Anyway, enough with the rant over licensing, my main point is to say that 3D-Coat has come a long way, and I just wanted to say thanks for developing this awesome program, and continuing to improve it at a rapid pace. I'm having a lot of fun rediscovering voxels now that I have the horsepower and performance to fully utilize it. Thanks to Andrew, and everyone else who have contributed to 3D-Coat! Watching this program develop is really exciting.
  7. nervouschimp

    Depth map problems driving me mad.

    Thanks for the info! I actually was not doing a voxel sculpt. I was retopo-ing a high-poly model that I had imported as a reference mesh. From the retopo room, I was trying to merge to paint by using merge into scene (per pixel). I guess in the future I should only use the normal map method if I want to merge to the paint room. And the regular merge function should not be used. Going from 3.1.10 to 3.1.13 OS X to see if the layers bug goes away.
  8. I'm not having fun with depth map generation in 3D-coat at all. When I build a low poly retopo over a high-poly mesh and merge into the paint room, the resulting hight map is faceted, and ugly (polygonal). When I follow the manual and use the bake tool, the resulting image is smooth, but it is flat, and lacks any definition. By comparison, topogun produces awesome displacement maps. When I try and import a depth layer from a displacement map that I just generated using the bake tool, nothing happens. Is there a only a certain format the the import depth operation will support? I can find no helpful info in the user manual. The only thing that gives me any decent looking results is to merge to paint with normal map (which does look great), but the resulting map can not really be further edited. Even worse is that when I export all visible layers to a displacement map, there is a bug that generates nearly 100 additional blank layers as soon as I hit ok, and they must all be deleted 1 by 1.... only to end up with a blank map. I'm hating it. 3.1.10 OS X
  9. nervouschimp

    3D-Coat 3.1 updates thread

    brush mode in UV tab.... instant crash when selecting brush mode.... OS X.... can be reproduced every time with the default head model. ... odd, but after re-arranging the UI I can use brush mode.... you might not be able to reproduce...
  10. nervouschimp

    Polygon modeler tab?

    Any plans to incorporate a silo style polygon modeler into 3D-coat? I was just fantasizing about pilgway buying silo from nevercenter and rolling it into 3D-coat.... or copying silo and rolling it into 3D-coat. Maybe it's a approaching bloatware at that point?
  11. nervouschimp

    Snow Leopard

    "I don't have any 64-bit applications, so I can't really test that out." Amazing journalism. Finder, Mail, iCal, iChat, Safari, etc.... All 64-bit even when booting to the 32-bit kernel. F-ing retard. Just amazing.
  12. nervouschimp

    Snow Leopard

    Yeah? and fox news is a big studio with HD cameras too.
  13. nervouschimp

    Snow Leopard

    That guy is pretty clueless, actually. He has very little understanding about how os x works. The kernel and the userland in os x are completely decoupled. They both run side-by-side within the 64-bit address space. Fully 64-bit apps run perfectly on a 32-bit kernel and are not limited to the 32-bit address space. Even on leopard, which runs on a 32-bit mach kernel, the only thing that is limited to 4gigs of address space is the kernel itself. Anything in userland can have as much address space as it wants. Hell, even 32-bit apps on Leopard and Snow Leopard are allotted a full 4 gigs of ram. Snow Leopard is an impressive operating system. One that breaks all the rules set by Microsoft. When you boot off the 64-bit kernel, you can run 32-bit apps without a wrapper like WOW. When you boot off the 32-bit kernel, you can run 64-bit apps without a hitch. 64-bit apps can use 32-bit plugins. The one caveat is that the 64-bit kernel requires 64-bit kexts. Until all the popular kernel extensions are universal, it makes sense to make the 32-bit kernel the default. power users can set their boot flags to 64-bit, so it's a non issue. Can't find a 64-bit driver for your device? No problem, just boot to the 32-bit kernel. No worries, all your apps will work the same regardless. By default, my macbook on 10.6 will boot to a kernel (just the kernel) that is limited to just 4 gigs for kernel level IO and management. Oh no!!! There is more than one way to skin a cat. The way that Snow leopard handles the 64-bit transition extremely elegant. That said, is it time to upgrade? Not quite for me. I think it's cute that anyone with a webcam can have a TV show.
  14. nervouschimp

    Snow Leopard

    For whatever reason, 3D-coat is a Carbon app. You are not going to see a 64-bit version without a rewrite. I cannot understand why this app was not Cocoa from the start.
  15. nervouschimp

    3D-Coat 3.0 ALPHA

    Thanks. I am curious about how necessary 64-bit is, when 3DC on both xp and leopard becomes unusable before it runs out of ram. Even on my xp box with 2.8ghz core 2 duo, 4gigs ram, 8800gtx... 15M poly count is way too slow to sculpt. On XP (32-bit w/Cuda), brush strokes are super slow, and leave stange overlapping creases. On the mac @ 15M, even without Cuda, performance is better than xp, but instead of the strange creases, brush strokes leave some little spikey glitches. Also, If I am getting slightly better performance already on the mac without CUDA, is there any reason to be worried about the lack of CUDA? It doesn't seem to be helping on my xp box.