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  1. @ElemenoSubstance Painter also uses grayscale masks, as... everything I can think of does. I may be missing your point, in which case I'm sorry. The solution here could be to have, as Photoshop does, a different set of colours remembered for mask painting and regular painting. Brush presets can store colours though ,so the mask colours would need to be ommitted.
  2. This dialog (and others) remember their last used settings. While this is useful, I'd love to have a big 'Reset' button so I didn't have to go through each box and enter their right number.
  3. I do still want alt-clicking on a mask to display _only_ the mask.
  4. Yeah, the only difference here is that Painter has a separate memory for brush colour, and in 3DCoat you're painting with red and green, whose rgb values get converted to a grayscale value.
  5. Can you explain what you mean by this? It sounds like something's going wrong on your end, layer masks work well here. Can you record a small video to show this off?
  6. Any chance after all these years we could get the thumbnails embedded in the 3b file? It would make my folders a lot cleaner, and file versioning a lot less annoying
  7. Cycles (Blender's render engine) is opensource and under a more permissive license than Blender's GPL (MIT I believe?)
  8. Oh, another painting thing that hasn't been fixed yet: This setting doesn't get saved with Presets, so it makes for some awkward situations where you've left on Random Color
  9. Love the fixes to ctrl-inversion on paint tools! In a similar area: Can you look into the Polygon stroke mode in the Texture Editor? The Polygon Stroke mode does this: So, those are three clicks, all of which just fill a few random blobs (those aren't the pixels, I should note) but not the entire polygon. I also have a suggested addition to the Fill tool that I think will make it a lot easier to use: An interactive 'color tolerance', where dragging left and right (or using two hotkeys to go up and down) will increase or decrease the Tolerance, with immediate visual feedback of the effect. Right now it's often very labour-intensive to click, see that bits were missed (or too much painted), go back to the Tool Options, tweak it, try again, repeat.
  10. Just something I noticed: the 'Copy Channels' dialog doesn't yet offer copying from or to masks. As I often do this, it'd be really useful if I didn't have to resort to workarounds with selection etc
  11. Oh, another long-standing request I'm only now thinking of: -Allow users to paint outside of uv islands in the Texture Editor. As it stands, when moving from the inside to the outside, strokes are often cut off too soon Here's a gif that should hopefully demonstrate the issue well: I set the Steady Stroke as high as it goes to show it as well as I can
  12. Oh, another one I requested in this thread already, but I fear it got lost: The ability to get rid of this window entirely, not just collapse it. Hotkeying of Brush Presets would also be great! And while we're reiterating points: -Preference for Layer Thumbnail size, and preference for the size of the thumbnail you get when you hover -Hotkey for toggling between painting/displaying a layer and its mask, I suggest alt-clicking as in Photoshop -Hotkey for turning mask on/off (shift-click?) -Brush Tilt/rotation: Many tablets have tilt and rotation, and it's an annoying limitation not to have access to these. Especially brush rotation would help a _lot_ in the style I work in. Another quirk related to the ctrl-inversion of tools is this: If you press ctrl while already drawing, you'll get an odd pattern of erased pixels. This happens every so often, and if you're working fast you might not notice! If you let go of ctrl before finishing a stroke however, nothing happens. So intended or not, it's an odd discrepancy
  13. Having just upgraded, let me reiterate a few things I've requested over the years, all related to painting: -using CTRL to invert a tool for _all_ stroke modes. Currently shapes (vertex lasso etc) don't erase when holding down ctrl for instance. -Nodes in the Paint room (not just sculpt!) -A metalness channel we can toggle on/off like the others -Fill layers (non-destructive layers that fill a colour, texture, or nodes) -Fill Masks (non-destructive masks that automatically mask a certain Object, Surface Material or Poly Group, updating when these change (internally or from a reimport)
  14. I've always wanted these two to be separate. Makes no sense otherwise. I'm using Substance Painter for PBR stuff, but this is a definite vote for separate Gloss/Metallic channels!
  15. I've had multiple crashes applying masks in 2024.12 Also, I just saw the release video implying 2024 is out... is 2024.12 meant to be a stable release?
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