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    iRay in Substance Designer

    Yes I'm aware of that. But like Substance Designer recognizes integration of Iray to people wanting to have Iray as their target renderer is a must in the application you are using to CREATE your textures. It would be a BIG PLUS to people that create textures using 3D Coat for applications that render with Iray.
  2. How do I move a model when in Paint room. I want to have a obj next to another one for texturing reference but the obj get placed one on top of the other. I don't see the transform gizmo being available in the Paint Room??? I just want to position one of the models a bit to the left side so both can be visible at the same time.
  3. SimonWM

    iRay in Substance Designer

    Is 3D Coat integration with Iray being worked on? That would be awesome!!!
  4. As those are old videos working with older versions of the applications they are no good to me. The problem is that my workflow broke when using DAZ Studio latest version with 3DCoat latest version.
  5. I haven't used 3D Coat to work on DAZ Genesis textures since several 3D Coat versions ago. I remember I used to import the model as OBJ using the "Model for Per Pixel Painting" option. On the current version when I import the model and try to paint on an area the stroke occurs in multiple parts of the model due to overlapping UVs. How can I fix this?
  6. Never mind after installing 3D Coat v3 I still had the same problem, so I blamed DAZ Studio, installed an older version of Studio and still got bad seams. So the culprit was traced to the exported OBJ I was working with. This is not a bug of 3D Coat 4.
  7. When working on 3D coat V4 to produce content for DAZ Studio I'm getting a visible seam that I didn't use to get with V3. I try to use padding but even with padding the seam is not perfect. See images. See the dragon tattoo that was made using 3D coat version 3, there is a perfect seam and didn't have to use padding.
  8. SimonWM

    UnabletoDetectServer error

    OK it sort itself out after closing and reopening the program so I was able to register.
  9. SimonWM

    UnabletoDetectServer error

    I just upgraded my V3 license to V4 but I'm not able to register my license. I get a loop with the UnabletoDetectServer error. I thought it was that I had to Uninstall my License to version 3 first so I went ahead and did this. Now both version 3 and 4 have the same error, I can only run both on demo mode. Please help.
  10. SimonWM

    How to reset brushes to default

    Thank you, I already tried that but it doesn't returns them to default, maybe because I have added some using the plus sign icon in the default folder. How can I clean the default folder without having to go to each of the non default brushes and delete them one by one?
  11. Sorry if this has been answered before but I can't find the search function of the forum. How do one resets brushes? I'll be using several brush sets from Photoshop and I want to be able to reset the brushes to just the few default brushet as I switch from set to set. Thanks in advance.
  12. SimonWM

    Brushing improvements

    I'll try to explain this. I find that the smudge tool is very unpredictable and weak. After some time it starts burning your color and it stops smoothing. It starts showing the color underneath too sharp. I've link a video below so you see what I mean.
  13. SimonWM

    UV Mapping problem

    Right, I guess I'll have to go back to Hexagon and delete the corrupted studs and create two new ones and see if that gets the UV straightened out.
  14. SimonWM

    UV Mapping problem

    It is one solid stud in Hexagon even though like you said it looks segmented in the UV. The seams in my picture are marked in green lines.
  15. SimonWM

    UV Mapping problem

    I marked the seams selecting the edges in UV in 3D Coat. I modeled in Hexagon. I extruded a circle various times until I did one stud, then copy and pasted the stud several times and layed them all out on top of the harness. I modeled one half and then mirror it and then welded both parts together, I guess that's why both corresponding studs have the same problem. It does the same thing when I tried to UV Map in Hexagon so I thought maybe 3D Coat would have a way to merge the little pieces and fix this.