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  1. Yes I'm with AbnRanger...it's no benefit when you can sculpt high speed in surface mode and at the end you have to wait a long time 'til it's transferred to voxels...needs the same amount of time in summary...also a progress bar would be nice...
  2. can't find the fill nor the freeze tool in surface mode... [edit] aaaaahhhh, you have to press the surface icon in Vox Tree to get this to work...thi scommand should also be visible in Voxel mode under surface tab...
  3. unfortunately you will get the whole Blender magic with shortcuts only...try SHIFT+c - this will snap the 3dCursor to the center of the grid. Then press SHIFT+s and choose selected to cursor and voila the currently selected object will be centered (if it was'nt before). Only one usage of the 3dcursor...
  4. yes, left mouse click selection is possible but...then you lost your Maya or Lightwave like navigation (press Alt+left Mousebutton to rotate view) Nevertheless 2.5 alpha0 is a great update and if you're familiar with right click selection it works very well... @Philnolan3d jepp, those little red circle was stressing my nerves alot at my first time in Blender. After a while you will find it very useful! You can place it in 3D space where ever you want and align objects or manipulators to. Give this tiny circle a chance... greez, Rene
  5. cuffins

    Share My Shaders

    Hey gogolo, thx alot for sharing!!! nice ones René
  6. I know...and I know that ZB uses voxels as a computing basis to build unified skin via marching cubes algorithm...we had a discussion a while ago about the new features like Zsketch here on this forum and if they're voxels or not...with the new boolean functions ZB has implemented one of the killer features of 3DC to seamlessly cut and melt objects. Let's pray ZB Programmers never get sculpting without polygon limitations to work (whereby Zsketch is very close to it)...
  7. No doubts... fresh from ZB WIKI: "ZBrush uses its Unified Skin technology (based on voxels) to create the model." Description of the new Remeshing tools...
  8. I guess this is a direct reaction of 3DC's workflow of seamlesly boolean operations...at least the new chrome shader in ZB looks very familiar to me... Nice to see both applications pushing forward each other...have to try the new features tonight...
  9. cuffins

    zbrush to 3d coat for retopo help please

    I know this button, but it would never had occured to me doing the job...
  10. cuffins

    zbrush to 3d coat for retopo help please

    No I don't know that Make Mesh Closed will fix that...have to try it! THX for the tip!
  11. cuffins

    Human Anatomy Study #16

    another tip from me...sculpt the eyebrows in the right angle (see image below)
  12. cuffins

    zbrush to 3d coat for retopo help please

    @James Thornton very good explanation of the workflow! @Taros sure importing into voxel room is a possible way, but if you ever tried to import an object into voxel room that has some holes (like eyesockets) in, you will see that's not practicable. I'm always getting artifacts in such regions...
  13. Not the right tone to get some help...