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  1. Ratchet

    Sphere brush issues

    Painting spheres does not stick to axis view , the shapes are not aligned in right view as they should. Some improvements to make it more usable : Draw spheres staying strictly on View plane resulting in perfectly aligned ( for example front view to right view ). Propose X,Y,Z axis to stick when drawing instead of camera view. Propose other shapes like Cube usefull for blocking hard surface shapes. There is a trick to keep drawing aligned to axis by using a second object, then drawing will stick to the other object surface, but it's a work around. Get Spheres brush working as intended would be lot better
  2. Ratchet

    Sphere brush issues

    Thanks, it's the best option to make quick shapes on same plane.
  3. The primitives tool cylinder unlike other primitives is missing options in it's panel Reset Scale Reset Position Reset Axis Thanks.
  4. Before adding a model in voxel mode, it would increase a lot workflow to allow rotating the model on surface normal when keeping down right click and rotating mouse. Similar to Zbrush insert mesh, scaling and rotating mesh on the fly with mouse without needing to use option panel.
  5. I used "clone with mirror" a character hair object, 3D Coat crashed (nothing crazy about voxel resolution). When crashing 3D Coat proposed to save, but opening that save was missing the whole hair new object (about 1 hour work wasted). Not the first time and i would really like more stability than new features. Version:3D-COAT 4.9.57(DX64) Win 10.
  6. Ratchet

    More stability than new features

    I think it's among bugs that does not hapen regulary, "clone with symmetry" most of the time worked without issues. Making the object in Blender and import in 3D coat worked and i could continue working without issues. Sure i will use 4.9.72.
  7. Ratchet

    Save Startup file

    Like Blender it would be very usefull to be able to save a startup file, that will load each time we open 3D Coat For example have a voxel default sphere, with symmetry and a shader automatically loaded.
  8. I got it working, after "modeling" room you need to use "retopo" room before "sculpting" room. 1) Once low poly is complete , switch to retopo room uncheck "Virtual mirror mode" check on "Apply symmetry to all layers" 3) Switch to "Sculpt" room, choose "Objects" -> "Import" uncheck "Respect Negative volumes" check on "Import so separate instance" and adjust "ExtraInstanceDensity" as you wish There should be official video tutorial to show the process getting modeling to sculpting without issues.
  9. 1) a model in Modeling room using symmetry 2) Switch to Voxel room -> "add Object" -> "import from retropology" Whatever i increase resolution many times before adding the retopo object this does not change anything, the result is bad, the object is added as "surface" instead of voxels, and even it's topology is wrong https://i.postimg.cc/TY0M7BYD/retopo-To-Voxels.png Is this not the main purpose of modeling room ? be able to create low or medium polygon models (used as retopo also), usable right away in voxel sculpt for detailling without any issues ?
  10. Ratchet

    Will 2021 have a better autopo algorithm?

    It depends if you plan ot use a lot the tool and if you get money back from your creations, in that case 150$ for license is not expensive at all andyou should buy it as a good investment. Otherwise for hobby only, you don't need thebest retoplogy and actual 3D Coat auto retopo is good enough.
  11. "Primitives" is among the most used tool, specially to do concepting or forst pass model block out. Could primitives become a floating bar that would appear each time just under "Primitives" tool in Quick Access menu, each time we click on "Primitives"? This would speed up a lot workflow for those not working with shortcuts, avoiding to do long gestures with mouse or on a drawing tablet for example. Thanks.
  12. Ratchet

    Primitives floating bar improvement

    Forum is better discussion place for ideas discussion, than some private discussion with sales no one can participate. Nevermind, i don't think this idea is priority or something important.
  13. Ratchet

    Polypaint possible ?

    Would this be possible ? choosing some resolution map and be able to paint vertex colors ? So have some tools like paint by cavity or along edge also for example. I think this would make sense for concept artists mainly or design. Not a must have feature, but this could be interesting perhaps.
  14. Ratchet

    3DCoat vs. ZBrush and Marvelous Designer

    Asking for opinions is not the best as each user have different preferences and needs. 3D Coat advantage beeing all in one tool making it fast to create without needding to switch tools, and it has some great features like best retopo features, very intuitive curves tools or great materials painting among others. About cloth , Zbrush and Blender are quickly catching up with recent features, i would not be suprised they will propose as good features making Marvelous Designer useless. Try the tools, there is free trials, so you'll find the answers about what you really need.
  15. Ratchet

    Extrude along path tool

    At 1:35 a mesh xurve is done by hand While that could be done with a very common tool that is extrude a shape along a path. I'm not saying it must be mandatory or implemented (and this could be done in Voxel room and quick retopo with lines). Just saying why not for a later version.
  16. Ratchet

    Extrude along path tool

    ? You can re read my post I don't care a if this extrude along path tool was not implemented; the low poly modeler is already complete enough. Also for for big hard surface modeling work i will instead continue using specialized software like Maya or Blender, because the needs are different. The main interest about 3D Coat low poly modeler is to create directly your hard surface model, voxelize to add details and make normal maps, and directly bake without needing to retopo.
  17. Mainly for sculpting , i thtink this will be the next step because a mouse or a graphic tablet are working on a XY plane only. Without needing VR heaset that is tiring, you could work on XYZ spatial axis, as fast as your movements can be without needing to drag a mouse or a pen on a surface. This saves lot of manipulation, allowing to work lot more faster, specially for concepting. It's weird, no one have been inspired by that to create such controllers for PC and adapt them to existing 3D sculpting software. This would be possible to work as fast and easy and fast without but without a headset
  18. Is this possible in 3D Coat to add voxel mesh clicking on surface oriented to surface normal ? (like Zbrush)
  19. Ratchet

    [Solved] Click surface to Insert Mesh

    Got it, Tools Options "Click to place" and "Use stroke direction"
  20. Everyone reports issues here in "3D Coat general" because there is no "3D Coat bugs report" domain. Would it be better to have a new domain called "3D Coat bugs report" ? To keep bugs report separate form general discussions ? Just an idea.
  21. Try Blender plugin simply cloth, then import your 3D cloth object to 3D Coat. There is also Blender sculpting cloth brush you can try out of the box I hope it helps.
  22. In Voxel mode with mirror mode enabled, the move brush does not work well on the mirrored side. 3D Coat 4.9.68 Win 10 64 bits Thanks
  23. Ratchet

    Move brush bug in Mirror mode

    Will this be fixed for the next big 3D coat release ? (The move tool is among the most used for sculpting)
  24. Ratchet

    Move brush bug in Mirror mode

    It did not help a lot. unfortunately I tried Surface mode , same issue , mirror many times goes wrong on the copied side Move brush is usable for small adjustments, but once we do bigger displacements such issues happens many times. Move brush is essential in Zbrush for almost all 3D artists, i hope 3D Coat will improve the move tool and get it working correctly in most usages.
  25. Ratchet

    3DCoat Christmas Offers until January 7, 2021

    Why not beeing transparent ? Should not be at some point a general 3D Coat anouncement telling the upgrade price for all V4 long term customers ? Is the V4 users base so low, each long term customer must contact sales individualy ? I don't think V4 long term users will buy 280$ a new full license for 3D coat 2021 instead of an upgrade, almost no other software company do that.