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  1. It is a pity that I dont seem to be able to upgrade my 3dcoat supscrption. I cant login, my password is gone and there is no guidance how to buy this program.
  2. Why pilgway? why not 3dcoat? what is better about having 2 names? why is the texture a separate software? and a separate software that's a library? Do I have to buy all three to get full functionality?
  3. strange jungle of sites and popups and dead ends.
  4. it is not possible to update my license, very curious how the marketing is not working.
  5. So where do I find my upgraded serial nr?
  6. ´The cost of the upgrade will vary´ oh i didnt read it all. I will just wait and see then.
  7. what is the price to upgrade for existing users?
  8. B48. FILLing using voxels; the hole reappears after smoothing.
  9. B44 using Epanel closed spline for cutoff. Spline does not disappear even after reloading scene.
  10. Import for sculpt/ painting reference does not import vertex information.
  11. Normally when importing a prompt appears that gives the choice to import a mesh closed. that is absent now. My models are hollow when they come out of photogrammetry software. O the closing function is working now.
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