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  1. Robert G

    3D Print quality ?

    Good to have found this... I tried this on a model I'm working on following this tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kB7Ee7NNy_U But when I export it from the layers menu as an stl, it does not get recognized bij cinema 4d, while exporting without the decimate trick opens flawlessly in cinema. I does however open in Meshmixer. Any thoughts on this? Many thanks, Robert
  2. Hi... I exported a model from the sculpt room some years ago, its for printing. I remember having a hard time exporting something that I was happy enough with within a reasonable point count. Now a client requested to have this item (its only part of a larger construction) without the heart and pedals in the middle, so I will need to export it again. I only need good enough detail on the ends and concave parts. As I remember; I think I painted with a brush where I needed more detail. I want the quads aligned with the concave parts of course. Any directions to pull this of will be much appreciated. Kind regards, Robert
  3. Robert G


    Indeed... the rotate function moves the point to another location. It's quite a limitation of the curve tool I must say. Need to think about another way then to make a rim around my object. Kind regards, Robert
  4. Robert G


    Thanks a lot dear Carlosan, Its a nice tutorial, but i need something beyond the basics. As you can see in the previous image, the curve is bulging out to right of the first horizontal point. And in the following image you can see that adding a point between 1 and 2 only makes it worse. I need something along the line of the last image; changing the tangency (from C4D). Thank you for you help :-)
  5. Robert G


    Hello all, I am having difficulties adjusting my curves in 3Dcoat. Maybe its because I am used to the bezier handles in C4d or even Illustrator where I can easily adjust the tangency. Anyone has good advice or know about some good instructional video? Many thanks, Robert
  6. Robert G

    Autopo problem

    Gave it another try, suddenly I had a nearly perfect mesh. It happened after I added new guides, maybe my previous guides where messing things up. But then suddenly without any warning or possible reason, the same things started to happen. Don't know if its 3Dcoat or me though. In the mean time I tried indeed to export for 3D printing, it seems reasonable although I was trying to up the amount of vertexes without any luck. At the moment 150649 seems to be the max I can get out of it even after upscaling the model. Regards, Robert
  7. Robert G

    Autopo problem

    @Setz Oh, that's something new for me, need to investigate but it sound delightful :-) Of course I will also need a decent render. Many thanks for your suggestion. Regards, Robert
  8. Robert G

    Autopo problem

    @AbnRanger ....Well I tried that, but i did not see so much improvement, But you inspired me to give it another go. Actually exporting the simple mesh and bringing detail in C4D works quite well, but its good to experiment for future cases. Regards, Robert
  9. Robert G

    Autopo problem

    Thanks AbnRanger, I was afraid someone was going to say something along these lines ;-) But I considered this as an alternative already. I have my poly's perfectly lined up now, i will see which is faster; a retopo in 3Dcoat or otherwise extrude in Cinema 4D. Many thank for thinking for me gents :-) Regards, Robert
  10. Robert G

    Autopo problem

    Yes I understand that more polys means more difficulties. I need it for printing and the booled lines need a certain amount of detail. I will experiment further. Thanks again, much appreciated :-) Regards, Robert
  11. Robert G

    Autopo problem

    Many thanks dear Carlosan, I tried your settings, obviously the 2000 poly are way too small, but I included them anyway to see whats happening here. Regards, Robert
  12. Robert G

    Autopo problem

    Hello all, I am having this model as in the screenshot. When using Autopo on the base model at the left , everything works perfectly. But on the final model after doing a boolean, things get very distorted as you can see in the next two screenshots. In this example I used the same settings on both of them as in the last image. But yesterday I spend most of my time experimenting with many different setting, however I could not get it right. Ofcourse I try to avoid doing manuall work here ;-) Any suggestions? Many thanks, Robert
  13. Robert G

    Numpad keys

    I was always struggling to have my own camera shortcuts working. The predefined views work perfectly with the number pad, but when I store one of my own views, I get the message: "camera stored at #1" for instance. But then pressing the number 1, doesn't do anything. I guess I'm doing something silly,..... but what? Regards, Robert
  14. Robert G

    3DC freezing my computer

    Thanks Carlosan, No unfortunately, still same problem. Did some more testing; it seems that now Cinema4D Freeses my computer at 1.800 000 vertices loaded. Kind regards, Robert
  15. Robert G

    3DC freezing my computer

    That sounded very promising, unfortunately it did not solve the problem. I tried a few times to roll back/update the driver together with re-installing 3dCoat with various results, sometimes 3dCoat started to freeze sooner, sometimes it seemed alright for a while. I decided to download and use Furmark to see if I could discover something about the Georce card. Right after I do the stress test the same things happens, there is not even time to see the temperature going up but after freezing up I feel the temperature of the card much higher then before. Don't know if cleaning reapplying thermal past would help since all goes so sudden.