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  1. upgraded to blender 2.93.5 with the .58 3dc... had to change path from "C:\Users\"you"\OneDrive\Documents\AppLinks\3D-Coat\Exchange\Blender" to "C:\Users\"you"\OneDrive\Documents\AppLinks\3D-Coat\Exchange\ with blender 2.92 either exchange itself or the added blender created within it would work fine, not so with the new release. on a good note, the front stays the front, you dont need to rotate the camera or object to view correctly.
  2. worked as expected without a hitch after updating to .58 nice...
  3. 2 things i noticed, no big deal... using _rough as the suffix to a texture file name does not work, naming is ignored and the texture_rough creates a preset of its own. when creating a new folder by importing textures as such, last texture switches to flat view as opposed to smart material preview. im using .53, update manager crashes 3dc...
  4. made some progress after reading thru this thread and applying what was explained here to the workflow... setting the folder directory helped with being able to send to 3dc, but opening in original app created the fbx and textures, but the "get back" feature not working. im assuming the folder to receive from is not correct. all posts here claim anywhere is ok, but im not so sure and have no idea where i should have blender look for the updated file. its a nice feature -if- its working, but if not, i suppose the old skool export>import will have to do. to note, i created a new folder on my desktop to save the fbx and textures to. blender made this folder, and in 3dc on open in original app, the same folder directory set up in blender was there for the textures and object, however the textures were saved to the exchange folder. nothing seems to happen when i click the get back button in blender. also to note, if the exported fbx file is opened by regular means, either in blender or any other of my 3d apps, it doesnt even load with textures applied =/
  5. hey all. trying to use the applink for the first time, so im sure its something im doing wrong. blender 2.92.0, 3dc 2021.53 and applink version 4.9.34. i set the paths to the exchange folder and made a "Blender" folder within that that its set to use. in blender, if i send i notice that a fbx file is created, and a folder named "bake" where the textures go, but nothing gets "pushed" to 3dc, nothing happens. in 3dc, there is no option under the file menu to push items to blender. i can export as an applink file, but again, nothing is pushed into blender. i can send from blender, and import the generated file into 3dc, but thats not applink functionality, thats normal every day stuff we been doing since the dawn of time. i have no previous experience with the applink to speak of, but from the videos it seems like a quick and easy process, just not working on this end.
  6. Nice! You guys ROCK, I LOVE 3d Coat =) many, many thanks...
  7. makehuman isnt a bad choice either... i'm not really a blender user, but still would be nice to customize figures w/o having to go thru a 3rd app.
  8. i have to second the prospect of reallussion. it is amazing the workflow that character creator and zbrush have, and there is nothing more that i would like to have from 3d coat than that same exact functionality. push a figure to zbrush, morph and/or model over it, push back to character creator. the figure keeps the morphs, and the rigging goes straight to the clothing modeled over the character mesh. texture the model, and bake the maps out. i have zbrush and can do this already, but im becoming better with 3dcoat (faster than zbrush), the ui, the ease of use, the learning curve... i just upgraded, got all my presets working and in order... for 3d coat to handle cc3 figures with the same ease as zbrush, would be like Christmas, New Years and the 4th of July in one holiday. the process i use now is clunky chum with pickled beets. using an export doesnt work for cc3 (it does, but is also clumsy), so i have to go from cc3 to zbrush to 3dcoat back to zbrush and then finally in cc3. going straight from cc3 to 3dc and back has scaling issues, and you lose some functionality, not to mention its not as simple a process =/ make it happen and the reallusion and 3dc people will love you forever...
  9. Hello all. In earlier versions of 3d coat, we could make material preset folders by having the textures named like "_color", "_bump" and "_spec". We could select 1 file of a folder, and all textures would be used to generate a texture preset that uses the corresponding files. I try doing this now for smart materials, and a few things happen that I would like to know how to have more control over. 1. Youll see from the screen cap that using the old method the smart material comes in with camera view. Can we adjust it so that the textures load under the cube mapping option? 2. Second thing you notice is that even though I have my textures named color/bump/spec, 3d coat used the bump in the roughness. How can I get it to accept my "spec" as roughness? Has the naming system changed? 3. The preview is based on the view option, if you have a collection of textures youre converting (as in the old skool method of adding existing material folders), is there a way to change the settings for the "auto generate smart material" function?
  10. Get this guy a raise!!!!!!! MANY thanks =) That method also works in my 4.9.72, meaning the method of import has been wrong all along... Its not like i wasnt asking, LOL Again, many thanks, your efforts are immensely appreciated.
  11. I added the .31 version, but none of my saved .abr files worked. I've been testing the same files on my end (the brushes pointed out in the earlier post), because those were paid for and have been used in previous releases of 3d coat. I select the .abr file and wait, but nothing loads other than the usual default set of brushes.
  12. so if i upgrade to newest release, my brushes should work now?
  13. I do appreciate the investigation. I've no clue why, especially if my brushes worked in earlier versions of 3d coat.
  14. Still with newest version in demo/trial mode... I was really looking forward to this being fixed or addressed. Any news on this? Is it ALL .abr files, or just "some"... none of the ones I have tried have worked, but then again all of mine comes from the same guy. *** im not trying to plug for anyone, but rons brushes are seriously badass, and i highly recommend. Thats why I miss having access to them in 3dc =(
  15. same with new version as well. neither worked =/
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