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  1. Love the fact that it is possible to hide the Brush Cursor (especially when working on a tablet). Would you please add an option to also hide the little Dot Icon that is always visible? If the "Shot Cental Dot" option would be the solution - it does not work in 4.9.55 DX64 Win10...
  2. Is there any 3D viewer supporting the 3B format displaying the voxels inside? Would be really helpful for quickly browsing... and much better than just JPEG thumbnail...
  3. I haven't updated 3DC for quite some time but with the current 4.7. version the UI redraws and the Sculpting got really slow. While 4.5 still runs smooth, it takes 4.7 more than a second that a menu button highlights or a sculpting tool takes effect. This happens in DX and GL with current CUDA/NVidia drivers with 70-80fps. I also tried 3 different subversions of 4.7. Is there any new UI redraw/Voxel Rendering option that has changed so drastically? Win 7/64 - GTX 760 - 24GB RAM
  4. Hi! I talk about Voxel Sculpt mode to create new Volumes with a variable distance in relation to another Volume. Think of a Person (Volume 1) and then paint cloth (Volume 2) in it with a slight gap with folds created by a pressure based offset. Hope this makes more sense now
  5. Would be nice to have a "Brush & Strokes Option" that is called "Offset" which defines the distance of the stroke between the surface/normal it is drawn upon. This would allow to draw e.g. clothes with a slight distance to the Volume below. With the possibility to modulate it with pressure it would become even more powerful... Thanks in advance for considering :-)
  6. Thanks unity2k - so Constructor is a Voxel tool even though it works with low poly elements. Would be nice® to keep the results in low poly surfaces as well or introduce a reduction method that creates an optimal poly count...
  7. Did the Constructor tool disappear in the last beta? Can't find it in the menu...
  8. Same 3 materials crash over here under Win7/64, looking forward to a fix
  9. Maybe an optional warning or backup possibility would be nice... Other applications like 3ds max detect that there is an existing increment and offer an "save as" which you can simply overwrite by hitting enter. This happened to me when 3DC crashed and I used "open recent" which wasn't the last entry. Anyways I think as in option this would be nice so it doesn't bother all the people that are more concentrated than others
  10. I stepped back to an older save file, let's call it test_002 (out of test_001 to test_005), when now Saving Incrementally 3DC overwrites test_003 without any request or backup! This needs to be solved, either request or save test_006 by skipping the existing numbers, otherwise it is very easy to loose a file...
  11. Because of the hot summer I had some 3DC crashes recently and just found out that the OpenGL version runs cooler (around 10%) than the DirectX one on my NVidia card... Maybe this is just my PC config, but maybe it helps others too
  12. Nobody wants more flexible Undos?
  13. Is it possible to change the number of Undos easily? Sometimes while sculpting it would be nice to have more Undos instead of saving memory...
  14. Yeah, maybe ... overall it would be great to access the single elements (on a single layer) or transform all layers at once
  15. What do others think about this way of cleaning up artifacts?
  16. Thanks BeatKitano (great filmmaker!) for pointing - since next to the "T" is the brush line style I thought this is a Text tool (like in the Adobe world) I'm sorry for these kind of posts, but even though I'm doing 3d graphics for more than 20 years this UI isn't very intuitive - I would expect such options in the Preferences, at least in addition to the T icon...
  17. Thanks carlosan, but T opens the brushes menu as a floater... is there a menu for that as well?
  18. Just two quick question - couldn't find an easy way to toggle between text and pure graphic icons in V4. Another thing is that I somehow changed the size of the left toolbar, so now it has 3 icons in a column - but again, I could not find a handle to change this. On the right side it is very easy to do so... These question might sound a bit naive, but even though the UI gets better and better it is still not "standard"... but thanks for developing it so continuously!
  19. Would be great to have a Voxel Command to remove/select all separate voxel groups below/above a certain Volume. This would help a lot to isolate Voxel modelling artifacts, for example clean-up before export...
  20. Seamless tiles in all 3 (optional) axes would be highly interesting!
  21. "Through all Volumes" would be a great option for the other Voxel Tools as well!
  22. Still with the newest version hitting the SPACE bar scrolls the screen to the right. How to find out if there is a double usage of the same key maybe?
  23. I have "Move in Screen Space" on the SPACE bar and since one of the last updates it doesn't move the screen anymore but shifts it just in one direction. Seems like its axis-locked. I re-applied the hotkeys in the Setup navigation but nothing helps so far. This is really a nightmare since it cripples navigation massively... Has anybody else seen this problem before?
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