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  1. micro26

    Sketchbook Journey

    Cool works!Keep it up.
  2. micro26

    mesh density with a brush

    Have you tryed to resample to higher density or convert to voxel?
  3. micro26

    Make normal map using sculpt tools?

    Make a cube with enough resolution take it to paint room and load your image as smart material . Then go back to sculpt room and make your sculpt there. Lastly you take the sculpt with texture over to retopo room and bake a plane with your maps. Another way is import a plane directly into paint room with subd levels and do the sculpt there. Hope it helps
  4. can we get an option ? who remembers smooth settings for every brush?
  5. micro26

    3DCoat 4.9 testing thread

    I just found another bug , cut and clone tool not respecting through all volumes in voxel mode.
  6. micro26

    3DCoat 4.9 testing thread

    I also got a bug importing multiple objs from file menu-import multiple, the assets enter the scene but they look damaged. Scene scale has something to do maybe? The latest version is very good actually lots of stuff that were not working seem to work now, cool! Keep it up
  7. micro26

    Bake height map and create displaced mesh?

    You can export high poly from paint room but the bump will not be on geometry.
  8. micro26

    [Bug] Retopo shell

    Selecting faces in retopo room and then apply a shell action creates disconected surface that i manually have to export and stich outside 3dc. Is there a way around it ? I use latest 9.5 Thanks in advance!
  9. micro26

    Zbrush to 3d coat alphas

    actually i dont want to load zbp to 3dc . I m simply stating that there are issues with loading image/alphas (as is ) because of mid level convertion and live clay brushes.
  10. micro26

    Zbrush to 3d coat alphas

    I made some test and this is what i found about it: psd format in 3dc treats 50grey as border, png is better for alphas. you can convert alphas in ps or gim etc with just tweaking levels output raising the black to 50 percent. zbrush has a slider for that job , mid value slider that changes the range of the alphas. would be cool to have it in brush options in 3dc Also brushes that have range black zero work fine in surface draw but not in live clay brushes. Hope someone finds there usefull.
  11. micro26

    Zbrush to 3d coat alphas

    Hey, i have several zbrush alphas that i want to use in 3dc . Is there an easy way to remap the height for depth. Zbrush is black to white depth and 3dc is 50%grey zero depth for height map . I found this but though if there was an easier way to do this. THanks in advance!
  12. micro26

    Exporting tesselated mesh

    +1 This would be awesome
  13. micro26

    3DCoat 4.9 testing thread

    Anyone else get this error ? Pc V4.9.01
  14. micro26

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Powerful smoothing should be increased , i got the 39 beta and sculpting now lacks a powerfull smoothing brush.
  15. micro26

    Request on uv room

    I have feature request regarding uv repacking. When i merge objects already uved and textured in uv room after i press the apply button normalmap is wrong because normalmap is in tangent space. This happens only when i rotate islands for better packing. If its possible to convert to world space ,merge the islands and then return to tangent space would be awesome. Thanks