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  1. micro26

    Batch export

    Export scene merged all layers and i also lose layer names.
  2. micro26

    Ptex to Uv

    Thats the tutorial i followed but the maps where not complete . I ll try and find time to upload an example. Thank Carlosan.
  3. micro26

    Batch export

    Hi, Is there a way i can export (as obj) all my sculpting layers at the same time decimated to percentage and keeping each layers names? I tryed anglel script but with little succes since i m no programmer. Thank you.
  4. Hi, Issue baking ptex to a model with uv s. I model in sculpt room , retopo ,then bake with ptex, texture paint with depth in paint room and then use the texture baking tool to tranfer diplacement to my retopo mesh with uvs . I have 'smoth mesh option' checked ' 'preserved positions of vertices while smoothing'unchecked and the diplecement i get does have all my details baked from ptex . Am i doing something wrong ? Thx in advance
  5. micro26

    Brush suggestions

    Hi all , I got few suggestions for sculpting - When picking a preset for the presets tool bar my stroke mode changes and when i select a brush from the left standart toolbar the strole is not updated . -When using a brush and shift smoothing it also should update the stroke mode. Also the smooth value is not updated when switching from presets to standard brushes. -Presets need folders too. -Panning the camera to pespective on small area or small object is very fast and there is no setting in preferences. -Also camera setting in pespective and ortho has big difference , add settings for both or make them much somehow. -Remove stretching tick and smoothing value should be global i think. Thanks for your time i cant wait for next updates and candys for ya guys at pilgway
  6. micro26

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    I try the transform tool and i cant find the rotation and scale numerically. Did that change? Thanks
  7. micro26

    Baking AO

    Is that as accurate as a raytrace bake ? I m looking at something similar to xnormal .
  8. micro26

    Baking AO

    Hi all , quick question. When you bake from high to low where is the ao layer ? I remember it was automatic using baking per pixel inside retopo tab right?
  9. micro26

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Tested the latest build and i noticed when working on large scene with many layers the ui shortcuts (keyboard)got laggish. If i click on the tool icons i get faster from tool to tool than switching with keyboard. Also the undo is very laggish even all layers are closed. Seems like every operation i do is affecting my entire scene. Again this is for large scenes but with "closed" layers.
  10. micro26

    [Bug] Vdb file to mesh ?

    Ok thanks for your reply.
  11. micro26

    [Bug] Vdb file to mesh ?

    Is there a way to open vdb files i created using simulation inside blender to mesh? I searched the forums but couldnt find anything on it. Thanks in advance.
  12. micro26

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Can someone point out where sculpt layers are?I have activ the beta and restarted.
  13. micro26


    Can script do subsequent commands ? Again i dont have programing exprerience but if i could record a few clicks it could save a lot of time. If you got any links/tutorials about it i d be greatful thx
  14. micro26


    Does 3dcoat support macros ? I want to make a few subsequent commands macro. Is there a (easy) way without coding experience.