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  1. Hi , i have a bug with pinch brush it does not stop when vertices get close. Anyone else noticed similar?
  2. micro26

    Super relax

    Hi all, Just wanted to say thanks for super relax brush , quite often i wanted 3dc to have sds surface just so as i could have a good smooth brush because quads are easy to smooth out, and then came this awesome toolset with a kick ass smooth feel. My only small request would be if possible to add the super relax brush to the shift/ ctl shift list above. You guys are awesome thank you.
  3. micro26

    Is 3D coat used professionally

    There is no specific catergory that is only for 3dc . 3dc has unique features Not found in other 3d packages and it has a very user friendly interface, if i was to start 3d i d start learning 3dc coat .
  4. micro26

    Transform pick point

    I am using the stable version 65 from website (link).
  5. micro26

    Transform pick point

    Where did the Transform pick point option go missing in version 4.9.65. I picked the surface it moved the gizmo to my picked location. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi, another suggestion to improve sculpting workflow would be to add global override (for example right clicking the tick next to the top bar setting. Same for strokes and shift smoothing brush. Thank you.
  7. geoath is right Super cool updates!
  8. micro26

    Quad restructure

    My feature request would be to convert my surface mesh into an even quad based geometry. The benefit of this is to smooth faster a finished blockout. Thanks for viewing.
  9. micro26

    Blender Applink

    The applink work for me to send objects from blender to coat but not from 3dcoat to blender. I use the latest blender build and latest 3dcoat stable build. 4.9.49 . I setup my exchange folder and exported inside it my fbx file from coat but blender does not update nor making the shader links with textures. I also use the 3dc preset with blender applink. Anyone know why this is happening?
  10. Hey, does new brush system implementation include a displacement brush mid value. (50 % grey value is 0 etc) ?
  11. micro26

    sample color key bind?

    Has the default keybind v changed? Its the one you sample color in paintroom
  12. Wow i just played with new cloth tool and i Love it . Thank you so much awesome updates.
  13. micro26

    micro26 sketchbook

    Hi everyone. Finished baron Harkonnen https://www.artstation.com/artwork/dONxaX and heres a little night sketch to practice cloth sculpting. I am using 4.0.5 and find it super stable. Would you suggest a newer version that is stable enough like .5? Thanks for viewing and hope you like them.
  14. micro26

    micro26 sketchbook

    Hi all, this is my wip model for my personal folio. Its a low poly model all sculpted retopoed and textured in coat. I used blender for rendering. Its still early wip but i ll try and find free time to finish. Hope you like it
  15. Hi all , i just found a code block in Shaders/Templates/mcubes_ps.glsl/hlsl that colors the draft angle when switching to undercuts or bassrelief tools. Can someone help me have the draft angle displayed for every sculpting tool ? #ifdef BAS_RELIEF vec4 nrm=vec4(GlobalNormal,0.0); float dp=dot(normalize((g_WorldMatrixInverse*nrm).xyz),BasReliefDir); //float dp=dot(GlobalNormal,BasReliefDir); #ifdef UNDERCUTS vec3 idn = vec3(1.0,1.0,1.0); float tap = sin(TaperingAngle*0.0174533); vec3 c1 = lerp(idn, vec3(1.4,0.7,0.7),saturate((dp+tap)*80.0-1.5)); vec3 c2 = lerp(idn, vec3(0.7,0.7,1.4),saturate((tap-dp)*80.0-1.5)); ColorModulator *= lerp(c1,c2,saturate(dp*50.0+0.5)); #else ColorModulator *= lerp(vec3(1.0,1.0,1.0), vec3(1.4,0.7,0.7),saturate((sin(TaperingAngle*0.0174533)-dp)*80.0-1.5)); #endif #endif //BAS_RELIEF Thanks in advance.