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  1. micro26


    Can script do subsequent commands ? Again i dont have programing exprerience but if i could record a few clicks it could save a lot of time. If you got any links/tutorials about it i d be greatful thx
  2. micro26


    Does 3dcoat support macros ? I want to make a few subsequent commands macro. Is there a (easy) way without coding experience.
  3. micro26


    Orion helmet design. A scifi sketch i made with 3dcoat. Everything is sculpted in 3dc decimated and rendered in cycles. It was very fun to make , hope you like it.
  4. micro26

    [Solved] Boolean instances

    it works if my cutters have thickness!!! Thanks a lot man !! I also found that after objectify i can "Instance to Parent Instances" and stll get 4 objects. Thx again
  5. micro26

    [Solved] Boolean instances

    Yes currently "split with" doesnt make 2 objects just the one you cut. If you split with the toolbar command (drag rectangle eg) it works fine and creates 4 objects ,each instance to the other in pairs. I tried merge them later in surface mode and then use separate/objectify but it just created 2 new objects under the instance.
  6. micro26

    [Solved] Boolean instances

    Is there a way to split instances using a 3rd object.? RIght now doing "split with" on instances doesnt create a second object for the instance. Objectify separete in object mode also doesnt take into account instances. Also can an object EXACT align (orient) with another objects orientation? This is a much needed function for 3dprint so any help is appreciated. Thanks
  7. micro26

    3dprint request

    I have a feature request of a simple zbrush feature that is mandatory for 3dprint jobs. After i make my model with remove undecuts removal i do checks in zbrush to make sure the angle is correct using polygroup front angle. There are small artifacts when correcting a model so this step is a must. My request would be to make a similar fanction in 3dc (using materials maybe?) and skip zbrush completely for checks. Thanks in advance, Fotis
  8. micro26

    [Solved] Surface mode to quad

    thank you thats exactly what i was looking for
  9. micro26

    [Solved] Surface mode to quad

    Hi all, Is there a way to make a model in surface model not have triangles convert to all faces to quads? Im looking for 1 click solution not brush the entire model eg. thanks in advance
  10. micro26

    How to Easily Select Paint Object from 3D View

    I wouldn t mind h key select both layer and paint object... I have been asking for this many times , especially when you have many objects. My only way to find my objects was to open my modeling package and search by name from there :P
  11. micro26

    Next 3dcoat version ?

    Is there an estimated time for the next version of 3d coat ? I look forward for new cool features cheers
  12. micro26

    Few 3d coat questions

    theres a 5 missing saying try with symmetry turned off and reset layer scale to uniform . hope it helps
  13. micro26

    Few 3d coat questions

    yes, with percentage eg. decimate 70% etc . Didnt know about the slider cool. Same thing with global yes!