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  1. micro26

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Powerful smoothing should be increased , i got the 39 beta and sculpting now lacks a powerfull smoothing brush.
  2. micro26

    Request on uv room

    I have feature request regarding uv repacking. When i merge objects already uved and textured in uv room after i press the apply button normalmap is wrong because normalmap is in tangent space. This happens only when i rotate islands for better packing. If its possible to convert to world space ,merge the islands and then return to tangent space would be awesome. Thanks
  3. micro26

    MY Sketchbook

    Very nice!
  4. micro26

    micro26 sketchbook

    Found some free time and texture this sketch . Very loose sketch but fun.
  5. micro26

    I will not be silent this time. Just my opinion !

    Fair points but 3dc arrived many years after zbrush(a 20year old software). Now the competition on "sculpting" is even bigger . Zbrush was considered a cheating on forums :P back in 2005 . Multiresolution has several good points such as keeping your initial mesh around ,sculpting with textures on ,level 1 can be rigged and animated and then do sculpting on the rest levels as secondary correctives, multires can have bigger polycount on highest levels ,feels smooth on quad sculpting and several more. It also has its negatives such as baking on a very distorted high poly level1 will produce artifacts on baking, level1 quads have to be equally spaced and under heavy sculpting you see streches and many more. I guess it comes down to pipeline and personal preference but i think 3dc is not advetised as much as z so its logical to assume its not used as much.But its a false assumption cause many studios adopt it into their pipeline ,zbrush lacks several featurers unique in 3dc. Most z artist i ve shown 3dc had trouble finding their zbrush brushes like every action they do has big impact on the mesh and everyone asks where are my subd levels( :P ) even though i describe it as a buffed sculptris on steroids. Also why there are surface tools inside voxel mode. I hope sometime in the future we get changes on the brushes behavior(eg sculpting with depth 34563123 doesnt make much sense) and make the 3dc approach on levels more apparent.
  6. micro26

    I will not be silent this time. Just my opinion !

    Can you share a video because i have a hard time understanding what you mean?
  7. micro26

    I will not be silent this time. Just my opinion !

    I think i get it. You want to be able to sculpt a mesh that has uvs thas texture on it , say you make a model on a modeling app and wish to sculpt it later on and extract bumps and disps etc. For this to happen i dont think its necessary for subd implemantion only a project uvs to vertex color and then back at your staring model. Havent tryed this pipeline and i am not sure if its already supprted.
  8. micro26

    I will not be silent this time. Just my opinion !

    I also think most users want subd in sculpting cause sculpting on quads gives a smoother result much faster . This can be negated with extra tools inside the sculpting phase (if necessary).
  9. micro26

    I will not be silent this time. Just my opinion !

    I wanted to show a sketch i made just to show how rooms are very well connected togther. Begun as voxel then sculpted with adaptive tesselation and then textured in paint room( ao and cuv layers created from high res mesh). I can now make changes to high poly and still get my nice pbr materials inside paint room, after that i can start baking into a mid/low poly mesh into a uv set on its own. Then after all pieces are baked i can merge uv sets into 1 eg after baking everything .In the meantime everything is interconected , this mean i can update high poly or texture at anytime even AFTER bake. This is pipeline is a huge timesaver(for me at least ) and not very apparent for new users. Eg proxy slider should popup when caching or some sort of hint area where mini guides help the user . I also think that 3dc should not be afraid of experimenting not copy the industy standards cause it will make it differenciate from the rest.
  10. micro26

    I will not be silent this time. Just my opinion !

    Can someone elaborate how going up and down subd levels will improve my sculpting experience instead of just pressing the proxy slider? Subd sculpting is not even in my top 20 wanting list for 3dc ,some z features i wouldnt say no subd sculpting aint one of them. Pictures :This sculpted in sculpt room and then baked displacements onto a subd low poly mesh that i can detail in paint room. Might not work on all cases but it generally works. As for voxels ,its a big plus having this feature cause there are some cases and operations that you cant make with polygons. Eg I tried ( in zbrush) splitting a sphere in half and then boolean union it with little success. The reason i use 3dc more often than z is because to a certain point it forces dynamesh and 3dc is better at handling iregural/arbitral meshes. Also baking and merging/rearraging uved meshes AFTER BAKE is a super strong feature for 3dc.Not even painter can do that. As for modeling function they both lack in comparison to modeling packages such as max/maya/blender with modifiers etc.3dc is not even advertized as a modeling package though i hope more modeling tool functions make it the future. Good Z examples are polish by groups and batch operations that can be performed (decimate-export etc) that i d like to see in 3dc. Both are very good apps depending on what you want to do with , they work differently but thats not a bad thing if you invest the time on both. I wanted to make a video for z users to find their toolset inside coat but i dont have much free time. Maybe that will help some people wanting to also learn 3dc.
  11. micro26

    I will not be silent this time. Just my opinion !

    Subd is a very old concept and it has a lot of weaknesses , also subd lives mostly in the modeling realm. Eg sculpting a base mesh with uneven polygon sizes adds resosultion to specific areas.Thats what dynamesh(remeshers) and voxel concept solves but this destructive. Its ok for sculpt but not modeling. Modeling needs non destructive workflow and by the new curve additions a nurbs approach combined with voxel concept would be awesome for coat. Right now both z and coat have sculpt but not much for modeling .Zmodeller is not so advanced comparted to other packages . Rooms aint so bad, most software have either "rooms" or separete windows ,z doesnt have rooms and thats bad in my opinion.Check how many times you have to scroll the tool pallete on the defaul ui. I think 3dc move to experiment on different features than the rest is a very good move to make it stand out .
  12. micro26

    I will not be silent this time. Just my opinion !

    I ve used zbrush since v1.4. It was very unique at the time and its very small sculpting capabilitties covered the need for digital sculpting. So they focused on sculpting instead of illustration and the pixol idea(bad in my opinion). Thats why the ui is the way it is... 3dcoat came many years after and started as a 3d painting and afterwards came the voxel sculpting . Up to now 3dc has added a huge amount of features over zbrush and z updates are almost non existant, i personally find them a joke. I d be surprized if they dont rewrite the whole thing again. Rygaard: companies asking for z experience depends on their pipeline and internal tools. If the artist can show what he can do with other softwares and how it can benefit them they will switch. Pesonally i work with 3dc because z lacks the features i need to do the job i am asked to do and its not only about "make a nice sculpt" pipeline. Also softwares are products and marketing is very important. But marketing alone is not enough to cover missing updates..
  13. micro26

    Ninja low poly

    Hi, Started as a cloth study and ended with Noob Saibot spin inspired ninja with 40k polys. Sculpted baked and textured in 3dcoat ,blender for low poly uv and render.Cheers
  14. micro26

    Batch export

    Export scene merged all layers and i also lose layer names.
  15. micro26

    Ptex to Uv

    Thats the tutorial i followed but the maps where not complete . I ll try and find time to upload an example. Thank Carlosan.