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  1. I am trying the applink which i remember in older versions worked fine but now i get this notification when changing the data folder. The default path location doesnt work so i though to change it and i noticed this message. I made sure the folder is NOT READ ONLY but when i hit the change button the folder switches to readonly mode. Has anyone experienced this issue?
  2. Hi Carlosan, i will share with Andrew , 3d coat is amazing and has a lot of potential. Thanks for pointing out.
  3. Hi all , this is another scifi character work in progress for my personal stuff. Its a titanfall pilot inspired design holding an alternator gun and doing a wall run. Lots of stuff to tweak here and there when i find some free time. 3d coat for texturing and this time i did the sculpting in blender so as to test it. Interesting though , i found features around sculpting i would like to see in 3dcoat. Hope you like it.
  4. Hi, thx for reply, i use the alt right click to zoom in out and i also use a wacom tablet so i dont use scroll. Is there a way to have similar speed in both perpective and orthografic? Sometimes if your object is small the pespective has huge zoom speed and if i lower it in prefs i get very slow orthografic speed.
  5. Hi all, Is there a way to have different zoom speed and orbit speed for perpective and orthografic views ? Thanks in advance!
  6. Thank for your fast reply, i solved it, the problem was in blender with high poly objects having custom split normals. That added a slight gradient to the normal map that wasnt visible after baking. Also deleting the mtl ,fixed the normal for geo during import. Thanks again Poeboi for the help. cheers
  7. Hi! , i am importing a mesh from blender to 3dcoat and the geometry normals are not correct . This has never happended before and it only apprears on this specific mesh so i guess its not a export preset problem. Mesh shows correct in blender but upon import i check the lock normals to pick them from file and it loos like in the picture shown. Of course importing a normalmap looks also wrong. Has anyone experienced such issue? Thank you. character21.obj
  8. Hi, i am testing the latest 3dc2021 and loving it so far, my only issue is the shader for undercuts is not ideal for sculpting. Hope you add some options there. Thank you. //edit Fixed on version 2021.61
  9. Hi , I think i finished for now this character hope you like him. you can check more images here Blender and 3d coat
  10. Thank you Carlosan, polycount is around 400k tris but i let all the backface and many not needed/visible polygons from autopo. Deleting those ,i could bring it to 150 to 200k that i think its ok for lod0.It depends on specs but the important was i only retopoed the helmet and tabard cloth by hand :P
  11. Hey this is my latest personal project , a real time character made with 3dcoat . It was fun to make because i let the autopo do all the retopo :P Blender for blockout and sculpt bake and texture in 3dcoat, i used mostly default brushes but i also made a few custom . I will add a gun to hold and some armour upgrades. cheers,
  12. Hi Gorbatovsky, Love the new tools that are going into 3dc , and what i d like to see in future would be an "ai" assited retopo process that works as i sculpt my model. Retopo is basicaly making the same model twice for better usage later either as subd or nurbs depending on industry. For example adding a cube into the scene could also add the lines that describe the shape , then if i subtract a portion should cut those lines so as to be used later onto the retopo process. Sculpt brushes could come into this logic , eg pinch creates a line, flatten brush creates parallels . This way you make cut down the retopo process and make the model once (almost). This is more of a brainstoming design idea than a request and i thought i d inspire you to make tools. Thank you.
  13. Hi , i have a bug with pinch brush it does not stop when vertices get close. Anyone else noticed similar?
  14. Hi all, Just wanted to say thanks for super relax brush , quite often i wanted 3dc to have sds surface just so as i could have a good smooth brush because quads are easy to smooth out, and then came this awesome toolset with a kick ass smooth feel. My only small request would be if possible to add the super relax brush to the shift/ ctl shift list above. You guys are awesome thank you.
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