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  1. micro26

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    I try the transform tool and i cant find the rotation and scale numerically. Did that change? Thanks
  2. micro26

    Baking AO

    Is that as accurate as a raytrace bake ? I m looking at something similar to xnormal .
  3. micro26

    Baking AO

    Hi all , quick question. When you bake from high to low where is the ao layer ? I remember it was automatic using baking per pixel inside retopo tab right?
  4. micro26

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Tested the latest build and i noticed when working on large scene with many layers the ui shortcuts (keyboard)got laggish. If i click on the tool icons i get faster from tool to tool than switching with keyboard. Also the undo is very laggish even all layers are closed. Seems like every operation i do is affecting my entire scene. Again this is for large scenes but with "closed" layers.
  5. micro26

    Vdb file to mesh?

    Ok thanks for your reply.
  6. micro26

    Vdb file to mesh?

    Is there a way to open vdb files i created using simulation inside blender to mesh? I searched the forums but couldnt find anything on it. Thanks in advance.
  7. micro26

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Can someone point out where sculpt layers are?I have activ the beta and restarted.
  8. micro26


    Can script do subsequent commands ? Again i dont have programing exprerience but if i could record a few clicks it could save a lot of time. If you got any links/tutorials about it i d be greatful thx
  9. micro26


    Does 3dcoat support macros ? I want to make a few subsequent commands macro. Is there a (easy) way without coding experience.
  10. micro26


    Orion helmet design. A scifi sketch i made with 3dcoat. Everything is sculpted in 3dc decimated and rendered in cycles. It was very fun to make , hope you like it.
  11. micro26

    [Solved] Boolean instances

    it works if my cutters have thickness!!! Thanks a lot man !! I also found that after objectify i can "Instance to Parent Instances" and stll get 4 objects. Thx again
  12. micro26

    [Solved] Boolean instances

    Yes currently "split with" doesnt make 2 objects just the one you cut. If you split with the toolbar command (drag rectangle eg) it works fine and creates 4 objects ,each instance to the other in pairs. I tried merge them later in surface mode and then use separate/objectify but it just created 2 new objects under the instance.
  13. micro26

    [Solved] Boolean instances

    Is there a way to split instances using a 3rd object.? RIght now doing "split with" on instances doesnt create a second object for the instance. Objectify separete in object mode also doesnt take into account instances. Also can an object EXACT align (orient) with another objects orientation? This is a much needed function for 3dprint so any help is appreciated. Thanks
  14. micro26

    3dprint request

    I have a feature request of a simple zbrush feature that is mandatory for 3dprint jobs. After i make my model with remove undecuts removal i do checks in zbrush to make sure the angle is correct using polygroup front angle. There are small artifacts when correcting a model so this step is a must. My request would be to make a similar fanction in 3dc (using materials maybe?) and skip zbrush completely for checks. Thanks in advance, Fotis