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  1. fingers

    Screenshot at 2019-03-26 10 12 57.png

    Ha !!! He’s really cool ! Great job !!
  2. YES !!! 4.9.01 is working fine now, both GL and DX !!! My DLL in WinSys32 was only 68kb... so, I replaced it with the one you posted for me, which was 137kb !!! 3DCoat started right up...had to supply ser# and re~register too. I hope everything else on this old box still runs after a restart... LOL !!! Thank you for helping me Carlosan, and Andrew !!! You guys are the best !!! Mystery SOLVED !!! Thanks to AbnRanger , and geoath for your suggestions too !!! Every possibility that's brought out leads to a resolve !!! Mike C.
  3. Thank you taking the time to look at this, Andrew !!! I’ve tried dropping the “OpenCL.dll” file into the 3DCoat root directory, after a fresh install of 4.8.44 and 4.9.01 (different installs, at different times, after a restart before install, and after install, and after removal, I still get the same exact error each time. Zbrush, Cinema4D, Hexagon, Daz Studio...etc are all working fine. And if I reinstall 3DCoat 4.8.39 it works fine also... I’m out of options here...I don’t know of anything else to try... Mike C.
  4. Hi Carlosan, Yes, according to NVidia, my drivers are up to date.
  5. My graphics card is an NVidia GeForce GTS 250 and has never had a problem with DX or GL 3DCoat before. Version 4.8.39 still installs and runs fine on my desktop computer... every version above 4.8.40 through 4.8.42 has this error for me on Win 7 64bit Ultimate. My Windows 10 Laptop will run 4.8.42, but with my poor eyesight, it’s very hard to see. It also has an NVidia graphics card and has no problems with the latest beta versions.
  6. I’ve tried using the both “exe’s” (GL, and DX) directly within the installation folder, it just won’t work. Is there another entrance point location I’m unaware of ??? Now I’m wondering if I’m the last person running Windows 7-64bit Ultimate at this point, as I haven’t seen any others with problems of this nature.
  7. Try this version please  12.07.2019 4.8.41 Hi Carlosan, I’ve tried both 4.8.41, and 4.8.42. They just won’t work under Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit for me. I still get the exact same dialog box as above if I try to start 3D Coat. I don’t think Win 7 is supported any longer due to file structure differences between it and more recent Win versions. So, 4.8.39 will be the last version for me. (Btw...the 4.8.42 download link directly under the Win logo was still leading to 4.8.40. It may be fixed now, I can’t tell as I’m on my iPad, and it’s been a few days since last checking)
  8. I tried it...it still wouldn't start. I guess I'll have to wait as Carlosan suggests until a new update is posted... thanks for the try though !!!
  9. I'll try it and see if it flies !!
  10. Yes, it’s been years and years for me too. I’ve downloaded .40 maybe 5 times. Before install, I’ve cleaned out everything related to 3D Coat. Each time during install, it seems to install properly. But, as soon as I try to start 3dc, I get the same dialog. I’ve rebooted after each removal, re-install... it just won’t work. So, I reinstall .39, and it works properly. Very strange. When I installed .40 on my Win10 laptop, it works just fine. Maybe, as Carlosan suggests, a fix will be in a future release. Thank you for your thoughts though, AbnRanger !!
  11. I tried rebooting after a fresh install...still no luck. I've got the same dialog as above again... Thank you for the suggestion though !!!
  12. I'm having trouble starting the 4-8-40 beta. I don't really understand what this means. Beta 4-8-39 works just fine, but is not installed at the moment. Has anyone seen this before ? Video drivers are current...
  13. Yes... everything is working with 4.8.39. Unless my video card is suddenly no longer supported.
  14. Hi All, I can no longer get 3DCoat to work at all...I've tried fresh installs, restarting, redownloading, removing old 3dcoat files...everything. all I get is this with 4.8.40 in both DX and GL versions.. Win7 64bit Ultimate
  15. Hi Stu, Ever since my last AVG update, during any install, AVG will pop up saying it is checking for a virus...then 15 seconds later that dialog box will close allowing installation. It's just AVG checking for bad stuff within the running installer. At first it scared me too...so I just sat and waited, then the AVG dialog closed. It's actually pretty nice, and it's warned me about several web sites with improper or expired credentials too Hope this helps !!!