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  1. ShnitzelKiller

    Pygmie Alien

    It's been a while. I've migrated computers twice since I last posted. Much better now, since I can finally render and use microverts :p
  2. ShnitzelKiller

    3D-Coat 3.2 updates thread.

    That is, when game engines support it. Great idea in general, only each ptex texture can only work specific to one model. I'm also not sure how it works with triangles.
  3. ShnitzelKiller

    I love the auto-UV mapping

    Isn't it just projection based like blender's auto-mapping?
  4. ShnitzelKiller

    Stills from my new film

    I thought of Svankmajer as well! I really love these surreal animations, whether they're stop-motion like Jan's or 3d like this.
  5. ShnitzelKiller

    Manual For New Curve Functions

    This is true. You can't add any points to the curve itself without adding the points to the middle and dragging the sides out. http://www.screencast.com/t/N2JjZjc1 As you can see, you can't go back to a curve and extrude as easily as before.
  6. ShnitzelKiller

    Un-close a curve?

    When I click the "closed" button, there doesn't seem to be any way to un-close a curve once you've clicked the button, other than undoing (maybe it should be a checkbox). Is there one? Like a way to delete segments?
  7. ShnitzelKiller

    Edge and face select?

    What? Fn is a modifier key, and what's more, only laptops have it.
  8. ShnitzelKiller

    Edge and face select?

    But it's not a button or tool, it's an extension to the select tool! I can't define that hotkey.
  9. ShnitzelKiller

    [Solved] How to erase parts on a normalmap layer ?

    Perhaps normal map layers should be treated differently when painting. As in, depth brush will change the normal map and not its depth channel, and color brush doesn't do anything so you can't screw it up.
  10. ShnitzelKiller

    Question about ATI

    There is no CUDA for mac. So take that out of the equation.
  11. ShnitzelKiller

    Question about ATI

    Well, the ATI card costs 300 dollars more.
  12. ShnitzelKiller

    Question about ATI

    I'm getting a new computer soon, and the ATI Radeon HD 4670 is apparantly four times faster than the Nvidia card I could buy it with. My current graphics card is crap, but will ATI in general have any compatibility issues with 3d Coat? Or the majority of programs out there? Which one is more widely used?
  13. ShnitzelKiller

    Edge and face select?

    I have one. It is so laughably unbelievably unstable and crashes at the simplest tasks, despite being brand new, that I decided against buying it for that computer.\ How do I define hotkeys though? I know the END command, but it only works if you're hovering over a button, and there is no button for INSERT or anything associated with that key.
  14. ShnitzelKiller

    Edge and face select?

    And in edge mode, it says you can split rings with INSERT... what do they mean? I have no insert key!
  15. ShnitzelKiller


    I've made some progress with horns and a mouth set up for teeth...