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  1. Let's say I select a vertex (as in the image) and then I want to give it a specific coord (in example 0,0 I dont want to make zoom and then try to drop the vertex in the corner) is it possible?
  2. Thanks but it seems to be ok already, and btw im not importing this from a file but from scult (voxesl/surface) room. Anyway since it's exactly the double size I just halved to get the precise size neeeded. Thanks again.
  3. I mean the same primitive sizes in sculpt (no matter voxel or surface) room (at least for a box type), see the image for more clarity, the inside box was generated by sculpt box primitve with the same values (100, 5, 50) than the retopo but the retopo (outter box) is obviously larger.... is it expected this way?? Im using 4.8.20 Edit: I just noted that is exactly the double (is there a parameter for this?, I understand that we want a retopo model to be slightly larger...)
  4. no, it was the same layer, i dont know where it came from (I just suspect of the primitives helper for retopo, in particular the tube (cylinder with hollow))
  5. oops the problem seems to be solved, I think this is a workaround... I just pressed supr. (keyboard) and their disappeared from the uv island windows but after unwrapping the were gone from the retopo layer too!! xD
  6. After using primitives for retopoing a tube/pipe thing and when I was unwrapping uv seams I noted some islands that does not correspond to the visible geometry, when I select the islands they are visible, I have no way to delete them I even tried delete all other faces trying to view from different angles this faces but they are not just flipped faces they are not visible in any way or selectable, as I said only selecting the uv island they turn visible, their edges in yellow, as you see in the capture, thanks for any help.
  7. Also I stumble with this program and it seems to be good to generate the seamless textures (although I have not tested it further yet) PixPlant Edit: results are not 'From Software' like quality... xD, I think there is no easy solution for this....
  8. thanks, so the workflow would be make the 3d texture voxels -> export textures using depth along y -> reimport textures and use thie offset I think is not the ideal thing but Im going to try... (I wander what tools use From Software xD )
  9. because I'd like to make textures like those in Dark Souls 3, I think I would be kind of easy with 3d-coat, the thing is how to make them tileable
  10. I know how to use the feature to convert a voxels scene to a texture (kind of depth texture I guess), but how to make a tiled texture with it?
  11. it would be a killer feature if it could be done, (at least for games that dont require super large landscapes) it could take all the advantages of voxels for terrain modeling that the typical heighmap based terrains systems lack
  12. the islands should be "equals" for the copy/paste onto trick, im seening in your capture that one has extra polys (?)
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