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  1. gakuz

    retopo fit brush

    I didnt know it. so I will try it thanks
  2. gakuz

    retopo fit brush

    sorry! I can't explain well by English. so uploadeded image.
  3. gakuz

    retopo fit brush

    I want to get brush tool to fit voxel after autopo.
  4. gakuz

    voxel color painting

    mu~ I think Advantage of the 3DC in all modeling application may be freedom from polygon architecture. and yet if it will back to the polygon, I feel usually many many Severe task is coming. well... can`nt "voxel world" deform ? like `Lattice`tools in maya ? I imagine voxel "point" dos`nt need to have ID like polygon vertex. I think better that voxel space has coloring ID. Like 'Fruid' in Maya. Impossible? Just I want to express My images directry.
  5. gakuz

    voxel color painting

    Usually in my work ,UVworking is the last. I think voxel modeling lend itsself well to do rough modeling. In this time I want to look coloring in this rough model. I must retopo work several times ,because after texture work I sometime wantted to remake this model. Autopo is very usufull.but Retopo work is basically hard work.
  6. gakuz

    voxel color painting

    It may already exist like this topic . I think voxel tool has completed a bit longer. well probably We has continued to need to better tools in voxel modeling. Remaining request is Voxel color painting . after convert to polygon,anable to paint texter. but IN my workflow this Feature is needed for being first step modeling .
  7. gakuz

    hard edge select in retopo room

    I didn't know this tool. already this tool existed in retopo room.
  8. 3D coat is more better tool than ZB for me. but I hope UV tools will be more useful tool. I want to select Edge by face angle in select seams tools. I'm using 3ds max usually too. I always modeling in 30 °in face angle. sometimes I want to use Only UV tool in 3DC. next return to 3ds max. I want to finish UV works about 5 min. Please do something !
  9. gakuz

    I need Cap hole tool !!

    oh! I did't know it. I tried to use . but When should I use ? slightly better smooth ?
  10. HI ! andrew Update in this month very nice. using smoothing tool in everytime , Hole of voxel appear. I tried to Fill the breach by other Replacement tools (fill tool , build tool,,,etc). but I can't do it easy. http://bit.ly/cvB8Qu