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  1. 3d_sculptress


    looks real (& scary)
  2. 3d_sculptress

    masamune date

    nice work !
  3. 3d_sculptress

    Steampunk Airship

    really intricate work in this model...nice !!
  4. 3d_sculptress

    It is finished

    very creative..I like this
  5. 3d_sculptress

    made a pepsi can need some ideas for the top

    if you sculpted it, it would be more realistic in close-ups, especially, cause of the shadows/depth it would then have,,so just depends on if you want it to look real or not, imo..... you can give it a realistic look with displacement maps, but some programs/render engines don't play well with displacement maps,,so if you sculpted it, then the displacement maps wouldn't be a prob to have to worry with.
  6. I have a 23'' monitor screen, but I just open 3DCoat, then open a webpage, go to Youtube, grab a tut n then downsize the internet window to the size of the video screen..fits in my 3DCoat viewport just right (see attatchment)
  7. 3d_sculptress

    This is my first 3DCOAT model

    you did great !..some very intricate modelling going on there...really nice work for the first model, imo.
  8. 3d_sculptress

    Still Learning... but a lot of fun

    he is a cutie,lol...great first try
  9. 3d_sculptress

    3DC site Under attack

    am wondering about the captcha that ya'll are using...aren't there two different captcha options available,,?,,one where the numbers/letters in the captcha itself are typed into a box, and the other type where the numbers/letters are on a jpg that's inside the box ?....bots have a harder time deciphering letters/numbers on an image...much easier for them to read when typed in, tho. I used to know a code that you could add to a forum to deter the bots, but can't remember how it worked now.... here's a good reference link for battling bots, tho.. http://php.bigresource.com/Keeping-Spam-bots-out-AbCRyTdl.html#UCzTTBXh
  10. 3d_sculptress

    3DC site Under attack

    that's a good idea, too,,the only downfall to that option would be that it might keep the moderators frazzled trying to check each post,(which may run into checking a few hundred a week...I've tried it that way in a forum I used to have,,it is a pita, and can wind up tying up alot of not one, but several moderators time.....),,but the questionaire would deter most all of the bots first rattle out of the box,,thus saving the moderators some wear n tear.,,
  11. 3d_sculptress

    3DC site Under attack

    here's just an example of the questionaire.. ''In an attempt to keep our forum spam-free, registrants are required to answer this questionaire ; (please copy these questions and paste them in the pop-up email during your registration) 1. Why do you want to join this forum ? 2. Do you have any prior experience with 3D Modelling ? (if not, plse skip to question 4.) 3. How long have you worked with 3D? 4. Will any other programs be used in your workflow? 5. Will you be able to contribute tutorials to the community ? 6. What is the sum of 3 + 5 ? 7. How many days are in a week ? 8. 'Apples and oranges are fruit'..true or false ? 9. Name 3 colors that are in a rainbow. 10. What is your favorite color ?
  12. 3d_sculptress

    3DC site Under attack

    I just remembered that on certain forums on the web, they use the captcha, but they also make the registrant email the administrator to ask for permission to join, and state a reason why they want to join,,you could also request info on what type of art/modelling they are most interested in,,,which programs they will be using in their workflow, ...just general questions that as a norm, a bot wouldn't know or be able to answer ....that way there's less chance of a spammer slipping into the forum... you could post the 'questionaire' in a post in the 'welcome' forum, or in a 'Read This Before Registering' sticky thread in the welcome forum..then they could just copy/paste the questions into their email (the email that would pop up during the registration) then add their answers. just food for thought, but would work better than just the captcha by itself, imo.
  13. 3d_sculptress

    3DC site Under attack

    its been awhile since I've had to register, of course, but CAPTCHA is a requirement, isn't it? that usually deters bots (to a point, at least) , ..might wanna make sure its on
  14. 3d_sculptress

    3DC site Under attack

    I was just fixin to post the very same thread ......these threads I've listed are 10000% SPAM...getting several of these a day now...plse turn up the SPAM FILTER ?? ............................................................................... bonefish grille menu Theodofoord 15 Replies 0 Views Today, 02:52 PM By: Theodofoord Тексты и слова песен ficdtekstys 0 Replies 0 Views Today, 02:11 PM By: ficdtekstys знакомства ctrcfсайты знакомств города мыск знакомства