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  1. HevJudo

    Rocks.. Yay!

    Thanks for the positive comments and feedback.. I think I definitely see a crazy crab being required for an updated version.. Getting the shell texture / spec map etc right is a good exercise! Will keep you posted!
  2. Sorry - not too exciting.. but Im still happy with the textures . 3D coat and Blender Internal for render..
  3. Struggling with SSS... next is fur....
  4. Hi At the best of times my uv skills are not that impressive.. I can paint pictures and get my models painted and looking fine until the cows come home..but I have only recently explored the generation of different maps for different purposes.. Ive been reading up on UV textures and how translucancy maps can be used to control the effect of subsurface scattering on your model.. Is it possible to generate these in 3d coat.. or do I just paint my model mid grey and paint the areas I want effected by transluceny and use that map. Im using lightwave at the moment for my rendering.. Regards andrew
  5. Playing around with the eyes.. will have a chance to update voxel sculpt and add a tail.. then back into painting a playing around with subsurface scattering and fur..
  6. Ill take that as a compliment!.. Thankyou.. that is why I loved your tutorial because the workflow you showed made things I struggled with easy!
  7. Attached are some images of a mouse character I hope to have rigged and animated.. A little bit of inspiration from Psmiths Rat tutorial.. and endless watching of 'Flushed away' with my daughter!.. Im a huge fan of all of Aardman Animations and still find myself having a laugh at some of the characters. At the moment my favourites are the French frog and the two 'henchmen' rats.. Regards andrew
  8. HevJudo

    Flattening Feet.. Tools?

    Cheers for the quick response man.. I new it was something simple! Awesome.. Hows the modelling and animation work going? I am trying to start from scratch learning the principles of rigging in lightwave (because of the availability of tutorials).. Hopefully by the time I get a handle on the principles the transition into Messiah should be easier.. Rigging is so different in Blender it was a real struggle to transition to Messiah.. but the similarities between lightwave and messiah has already made things I struggled with previously remarkably simple. Im looking forward to the Messiah rigging tutorials from atomic toon! Anyway - wishing all the best with your work! Regards andrew
  9. Hi Im not sure if this is the right forum to place this very basic question..but... Im creating really long feet for a character and need to find the quickest (easiest) technique to create the base of the feet. The feet are created using the curve tool, and I just want to flatten the bottom of the feet (the scrape tool is a bit unrelaiable, and the 2D tool is awkward...) I do recall a tutorial by Geothefaust where he just puts a box over an area he wants cut away and it removes averything in the box but I havent had a chance to revisit his tutorial on hard body modelling again. Im normally lazy and flatten the feet when I import the mesh into lightwave to add eyelids for animation and general cleanup prior to importing back into 3d coat for painting.. but I want to get better at 3d coat so thought its about time I stop being lazy.. Any tips? Thanks andrew
  10. Thanks for the comments.. I agree about workarounds.. Im in my mid 30's, have a young family and a job completely unrelated to 3d or design.. and all my learning is gained in the hour or two each day that I can squeeze in to trawl forums, training videos or osmosis in general .. so I can make cartoons! The best training not only shows you how but explains why.. Im an engineer and the worst thing you can do is memorise a formula.. the best thing is to know how to derive it! So any sort of training that does that (like yours) is the biggest time saver imaginable.. More time can then be spent creating so that your design and your animation (the ultimate goal) constantly improves. Regards Andrew
  11. Thankyou for an awesome series!! One of the best tutorials in presentation, voice over, content.. that I have seen in a long time.. I agree with your comments re not needing other applications depending on your workflow.. I have zbrush, I have messiah, I have blender, I have lightwave, and even Toonboom Animate(which is fun) (maybe modo Geothefaust!! ).. but the one I use the most for all my modelling and painting is 3d coat. At the moment the workflow for me between 3d coat and lightwave has been great but the ease of modelling and creating textures is just awesome.. Check out my simple simple simple rocks, trees and mushrooms.. all done in 3d coat.. lietrally all modelled, retopo'ed and painted in 30 - 60 minutes (I cant remember.. but my coffee was still warm when I finished!) By the way.. you had me at 'using the move tool'.. dont know how I did anything without it! All the best Andrew
  12. Thanks for the quick response AbnRanger.. One more thing, will the seriel be automatic??. I wouldnt know where to start to find it (if I have it) on my external drives.. Thanks again Andrew
  13. Well.. last night the blue screen of death began.. maybe it was a virus, maybe it was my new pc tools installation.. but whatever it is my computer doesnt work. Its going to the shop today for a new operating system installation as it looks like i have lost everything. Thank goodness I had backed up most of my stuff.. except.. How do I get a fresh copy of 3d coat? Should I write to thye pilgway team?.. I wrote to them before advising I had changed my details and never got a response back. Im worried that I wont hear from them again.. Any tips? All the best andrew
  14. HevJudo

    Painting; Fill Patterns

    Hi Thanks to geothefaust's recent video on the 3dcoat and messiah applink he inadvertantly opened up a whole world of painting possibilities to me. The main tool that I learnt about was the 'fill' tool and some of the options available to it. I had been spending my time importing in my photoshop brushes and painting as if I was in photoshop, not realising the power of some of the tools available to me.. Question 1: Are there other fill patterns available? What is the best way to find them, and if none are available, what is the best way to make them? ie. in photoshop, image x pixels b y pixels etc etc.. Question 2: In photoshop there are a wealth of tutorials (obviously) devoted to digital painting.. I havent been able to find much in the way of 3D coats painting tools. Are there any project based painting / texturing tutorials, or any tutorials that shows how each of the painting tools work?? Regards Andrew