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  1. @Haunted I was just wondering if there was any news on this so I came over to check the thread. Hope your progress is going well and please know that there is no less enthusiasm in my wish to test the beta one of these days.
  2. You cannot know how cool this is and how much it is appreciated that after so many years of neglect that the AppLink is being brought into modernity out of the stone age. Thanks and I'll definitely give it a hard workout when you drop it into beta.
  3. At some point they changed the name from Export (to Blender) to "BringVoxelsBackToApp" which will set things where you can click Import in Blender in the 3D Coat App and it will import the geometry. Likewise, if you hit Export in the App and then click 3D Coat the dialog will start so you can import the geometry from Blender. How when the geometry is originating from 3D Coat is the user "Bringing back" to Blender is beyond me?
  4. A million heart felt thanks for owning this and making it happen. Vielen Danke.
  5. Hey community, With Blender getting in with Unreal, Unity, Lumberyard and it's Eevee implementation coming in 2.8 there's more and more need for an effective, elegant, PBR enabled Applink necessity that feels sadly neglected. I love what @Haunted has done so far, but the Applink is essential.
  6. Forgot to click on "Notify me of replies" so I'm adding a kind of reminder post
  7. This is amazing that you've taken this on, thanks. I also purchased a rocket and would love to support you in your endeavor to make our lives better. Is there any news on the Applink integration?
  8. unity2k

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Regarding the Applink; once I have a Voxel object in 3DC and I want to send it back to Blender in my case, the File menu item to do so reads as, "BringVoxelsBackToApp" - just like that without spaces. Could this be changed to something like, "Send Mesh Back to App"? This is on under Windows 10
  9. After an afternoon of wrestling with the Applink I have it working flawlessly. Sure would have been nice if there had been an up to date tutorial that looks at current builds and layouts. Thanks everyone who has tried helping me through these convulsions. Ugh.
  10. unity2k

    FBX Export Scale

    Do not worry about my last question as @Andrew Shpagin answered it by letting me know I had no textures or I was in the Voxel room - I was guilty of both.
  11. unity2k

    [Solved] No OBJ Export Options Available in 4.8

    That is exactly my problem. Thanks for your patience in dealing with a million "small" problems.
  12. unity2k

    Setting scene scale for Blender - 3D-Coat scaling issues

    @Carlosan So if set Geometry / Define Measurement Units to Units / Meters before I import my object via Applink into 3D-Coat it comes in with the right scale. What would be helpful is to figure out how to set the units to meters as my default as that's what I'll always be working in?
  13. I'm not getting an options window when I go to export a file such as a .obj or .fbx. I only get the Reduction window and then nothing. How do I enable export options? I've already deleted all of my config files, didn't fix it. I'm on Windows 10 and 3D-Coat 4.8.
  14. unity2k

    Setting scene scale for Blender - 3D-Coat scaling issues

    Thanks @Carlosan but that's not the issue here as we've been working in Metric Scale 1.0 in Blender for years and exporting via FBX scale 1.0 into Unreal without issue. The issue I'm having is that when I export something from Blender into 3D-Coat it comes in looking like it's displayed at a molecular scale and I have to scale it up in order to work on the object instead of being able to set a complimentary scale that appears the same between both apps.
  15. unity2k

    3d-coat Export OBJ with wrong scale.

    I'm not seeing any export options when I want to export an object. I can choose .obj or .fbx and all that pops up is the Reduction Tool. I'm on version 4.8 on Windows 10