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  1. m8nkey

    Marvel's Rhino

    Nice work. Slick presentation in your turnaround video too.
  2. m8nkey

    Mickey Rat - WIP

    Some playing around with maya fur.
  3. m8nkey

    TFrank freeform sculpt

    Theasymmetry in the horns is a nice touch.
  4. m8nkey

    Mickey Rat - WIP

    Some more texture progress. I'm looking into options and techniques to add fur in maya.
  5. m8nkey

    Mickey Rat - WIP

    You were right, the teeth were a nightmare. I had problems when I enabled symmetry verts near the center line would snap to the tooth on the opposing side. I had no idea how to correct it so I just modelled and textured one side which I duplicated and flipped in Maya. Started experimenting with texturing yesterday. I'm going to use Maya fur but I want an interesting skin that will remain exposed in areas.
  6. m8nkey

    3D-Coat Retopology in 4.0 Beta

    Looking good. I noticed in your re-topo you may have an N-gon. An N-gon is a polygon with more than 4 vertices. They can cause problems at rendertime, especially during mesh deformations for animation. I'd be interested in seeing some renders from Unity once you've ported it in there *edit. Ba, noticed another N-gon straight after posting. It's on the cheek below the eye. Easiest way to get rid of them is by terminating your edge loops by making a traingle with a new by poly. 3d coat also notifies you of N-gons in the bottom bar with the other polycount information.
  7. m8nkey

    Mickey Rat - WIP

    Thanks guys, I used the stroke tool for the arms and legs. The rest I just used points and faces, quads and the cap tool. for cavities I created the outer edge loops then used the cap tool. after capping I added additional edge loops. I have a day off tomorrow. currently working a horrible cycle where I only get one day off every fourteen days. Going to finish the retopo and make a start on the texturing.
  8. m8nkey

    Kneeling woman

    This is great. I think I prefer the earlier renders. The intricacies of the patterns is clearer in the darker colored materials you were originally using.
  9. m8nkey

    Mickey Rat - WIP

    I've been doing an hour or so of retopo each morning. I've done very little character modeling before so would appreciate any advice on edge flow or anything else. Lowpoly is currently 7034 tris. Sculpt is ~ 1.8 million tris
  10. m8nkey

    Mickey Rat - WIP

    I recently purchased 3d coat through Steam. I started this character watching the quickstart tutorial, rat from scratch. I don't want to invest too much into this guy but going to use him to learn the basics of retopo and texturing too. Any crits or suggestions appreciated Cheap and nasty renders in Maya using mental ray and default Lambert material for now.