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  1. grapix

    African bust

    I started this sculpture as simple poly sphere and progressed to hi rez zbrush sculpt which i used as template for new topology in 3D COAT. I would love to sculpt with voxels in 3dcoat but it feels unnatural to me compared with zbrush, but retopo tools are top. I dont find so important if she has skin tone like afro american or african or what ever i like this color tone and thats it, its obvious that i could darken it to 100% black if i want to but i like it way it is. here is the wireframe:
  2. This is another portrait i did for my portfolio using Zbrush and Modo and 3d coat for topology.
  3. grapix

    Starfleet Officer

    here are the tips for skin rendering: modo skin
  4. Hi, here is my latest work, he is the Starfleet Officer who's been in many battles which have left a lot of scars on his body and soul. Zbrush for sculpting, 3dcoat -retopology and rendered in Modo.
  5. grapix


    You are right i should mention that with my next update.
  6. grapix


    3dcoat for topology, rendered in modo 401
  7. grapix

    Nazi zomby

    Here is some update:
  8. grapix

    Master Yoda

    Thanks, i have tried many different hairstyles but this one was my favorite
  9. grapix

    Master Yoda

    Thanks for comments, Hair is shave and haircut and all image is rendered in mental ray.
  10. I used 3d coat for retopology and texture painting on this bust, hope you like it.
  11. grapix

    Nazi zomby

    As much as you see on wireframe image.
  12. grapix

    Nazi zomby

    Thanks, second one does not have sss at all because it is zbrush render.
  13. grapix

    Nazi zomby

    Here is something im working on my free time. I used 3dcoat for retopology and some texture painting. Rest of it is done in zbrush and maya.
  14. Here is my latest work , i did all sculpting in zbrush but i do all my topology work in 3dcoat and i love it !