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    3D scan ply vertex Colour to Retopogized mesh workflow

    Thanks Artman and Andrew, I will try both to see which method works best.
  2. jininjin

    3D scan ply vertex Colour to Retopogized mesh workflow

    Thanks. I have done this but since the original mesh is 80 million triangles 3D coat runs out of memory. The only way it appears is to come in if I do it in sections but I am unsure how to bake the vertex colours from the sections of a mesh on to the full complete retopologize mesh. I am working on a 3D scan of a skateboard park. Basically a concrete swimming pool.
  3. I am wondering what a good workflow would be for a 3d scan data (point cloud) that has been converted to a high poly mesh with vertex colour then decimated to be workable in 3D coat for retopology. So the decimated mesh has reduced the detail in the vertex colour so I cannot use it for baking the textures therefore I need to use the original high poly scannrf mesh (80mil triangles) with vertex colour to transfer the texture to the retopolized mesh. I am finding the original mesh is huge so it kills 3D coat... I may need to split the mesh then somehow bake the retopo'd mesh with the broken up original mesh... hope this all makes sense. What I am doing: Point cloud scan --> generated mesh ---> decimated ---> Retopolized ----> transfer original generated vertex colour to retopo'd mesh Any help is appreciated. It would be awesome if 3D coat imported point clouds to bake textures.....