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  1. Its a valid point, but why not jump into blender for modelling, sculpting, retop, UV 'ing and rendering?  Isn't that free also?

    44 minutes ago, L'Ancien Regime said:

    He could just add on a more complete set of Renderman controls into the 3D Coat interface we already have. It's free, it's top quality. No need for more than that.

    I agree with you... make the render inside 3DC more robust, if that's a bridge to another  render app, then great ( as long as its a full implementation of course )  

  2. 14 hours ago, AbnRanger said:

    Amen. Amen. Visible, Transformable Cameras and lights, SHADOW-CATCHING (hopefully a reflective, too) MATERIAL, and true light emitting material. Would also be great if there was a full-viewport rendering mode, in the Paint and Sculpt Room. When sculpting/painting, it pauses rendering, just like the Smart Material preview does

    I agree, current render is ok, but its way behind the competition. 3DC has got a good reputation among concept artists, but most seem to use Octane,  etc to render. It would be great to have a more robust render engine to keep 3DC in pipeline for longer. IMO

  3. On 10/25/2019 at 8:27 AM, insignet said:

    @carrots I'll try to  send a screen shot later, but I'm getting alot of banding on the depth pass. I've raised the samples etc but I can't get a smooth result. Like I say - I'll post an image, just wondered if this was a known issue.

    Kinda replying to my own post here regarding the Banding on the Depth Pass. It maybe user error, but here's a screen grab of the problem. Like I say I may have missed something on the setup, but I don't get a smooth transition.


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  4. I agree, the development must keep pace with other software such as Substance Painter. It gets polished and small changes added - such as the environment baker, which is great. Sculpt layers adds so much and is a killer feature, pushing 3DC forwards. I work for a games company and I've pushed 3DC, many have adopted it but they still revert to Substance for PBR texturing ZB for sculpting, and the results they get are very cool. When it comes to hand painted they'll use 3DC. The sculpting features are important to keep pace with other apps and its important to plug gaps such as why users want to use Substance over 3DC for PBR related work. Don't get me wrong - whats in 3DC ATM is very good... but having a piece of software that takes on so many other apps in its functionality - ZBrush, Substance, TopoGun etc its important not to take your foot off the gas and push forwards on all fronts.... not to start creating alternative versions, else you'll eventually loose the customers.  I think that's what AbnRanger means?

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  5. We already have 3DC internal render engine plus the new Renderman implementation. However I saw this open source render from Radeon which is pretty good and free ( I'm not sure with Renderman if you can use the rendered images in a commercial project? ) If not then the renderman implemention is limited to hobbiest and portfolio renders ) Maybe the Radeon Render Pro would be a good alternative?


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  6. Anyone else having issues with the Light baking option in the paint room? I'm getting coloured noise... the attachment shows a little noise, but i'm sometimes getting ALOT.  Happens with other settings to e.g. Render light from render room.

    Im using a  AMD Radeon Pro WX 7100 Graphics Card ( not sure if thats the issue - not being Nvidia ?)

    to reproduce:-

    1. open new vox scene and select the head.

    2. goto paint room > texture > light baking tool

    3. select map type as subsurface scattering ( leave all defaults )

    4. hit ok



  7. Is anyone having trouble with Renderman on the Mac? I've installed latest 3DC Beta and downloaded - installed Renderman. I can open RM etc and have it working, when I switch to Renderman in the render drop down 3DC tells me its not installed. ( btw Marmoset Toolbag 3 now has python scripting - would this help in using MT3 as a App Link render? I'm not into code etc so i have no clue ) I'm a big fan of the native render engine in 3DC, but I think having options like Rendman, Keyshot, MT3 is a big plus. Renderman and Keyshot are quite expensive though for commercial versions.

  8. I've downloaded the latest .31 Are the square alphas under the Stencils Tab or Alphas Tab? I have no folder for Squares under the Alphas tab.

    Update: Ok just saw the tutorial :) I actually thought I would be able to create square alphas using the curves in the same way we can create circular ones.

  9. Yip. Testing out the light baking tool. Really nice when working in with layers and blending lights. Is it right that you can only bake one light from the render room at a time? I think if you could have a check box for which lights you want to include on the bake ( or is this the Camera_Target check box meant to do this? ) At the moment I'm removing the environment light completely to isolate the light source and bake these light sources to layers ( repositioning the light source for each layer ). The alpha option is nice too - i would say it needs a hard edge dial to make the shadow fall off editable.... nice stuff :)