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  1. да создается впечатление какойто липкой фигни.
  2. Interesting to know how fast/slow 470GTX would be in comparisson to 460GTX with 2Gb Ram, And would it be noticable loss in performance for 460gtx which has less amount of cuda cores in 3D Coat?
  3. Nice shaders, they are dramatically changing the sculpting feel, works almost like in Zbrush, although there are some artifacts still happening for me.
  4. nope, i`d say that you`ve started with details and accessories too early, there are still a lot of places to improve(i not mean to make them absolutely perfect) the arms are the most distracting, especialy palms and fingers. Start to study and sculpt anatomical correct models, its like a spring the further you pull with it - the harder it will smash you back later... actually will smash if you care of course about doing the good job. humm accessories looking not bad in some places
  5. actualy for my taste 2.4X was better the only thig which i wanted is the hotkey editor, it appeared in 2.5 but now i dont like its ui, the old one was clearer for me.
  6. blender - no. but as it have been said before - developers could be. anyway blender have made a great step forward since past few years, sometimes observing it`s features i`m biting my lips.
  7. thanks, finally I found that flattened texture preview, my fault I looked for it in a wrong place lately.
  8. G-Rom84

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    плавно лучше не надо делать чтобы переключалось, замедляет темп работы пока сидищь и смотрищь как вьюпорт новое положение принимает, или если такую "плавность" делать, то с возможностью отключения ибо мишура вобщемто.
  9. Same as I, also want to see any positive steps to improve brushes for a long time already, and not only for Paint brushes, the sculpting brushes also could be better.
  10. yes switching from masking to hiding became a bit confusing, but the good thing is that now these tools working with symmetry, and it`s became much easier to assign polygroups inside Zbrush itself rather then import/export model somwhere else for this task. also the selections may be moved while creating them holding a spacebar like in photoshop. and you have the ability to drag often used Mask and Selection types over the pannel to quickly switch between them, i done this already but popup notification window still annoying(
  11. Hm, I think it would be handy to have such features in 3dc also. ok. Actually im not quite sure but have seen on youtube, that in zbrush unwrapped model also could be tweaked and threated with brushes just like any 3d tools in flattened mode. But have not tried that approach with UV master... I am lazy( I am agree of course, but in practice you will often approach details wich needed to be cut-off for better unwraping horns, pimps... noses and ears are also annoying you know it... No, when in texture editing mode there is no option in windows-popups to see the uv preview, it is useful some times to see the flattened version of a texture and paint on it, also some times I prefer to tweak a bit UVs to match the painted details rather then to redraw/clone them on texture. for the retopo - yes, i dont care about how the uvs are looking during that process.
  12. I also offered a few days ago such thing (in Russian branch of the forum) for all modules of a programm which has layers. but in my case i offered Alt+click on eye icon to hide everything else except clicked one, the second alt+click on "eye" will make hidden layers visible. such behavior exists in photoshop already.
  13. for compensate distortions/compressions i am selecting polys over such places and apply few times relax it resulting that those areas become almost gray maybe with slight tint, or using smooth brush, but it would not be perfect everywhere anyway. still, even after i read the explanation i still missing smthing, i like that for now i coud not affect the borders of uvs by smooth brush. As for the seams and their appearence in game engines the way to avoid them is to use padding while baking maps in pixels which extends color over the borders of uvs slightly. but presence of the padding some times not necesary means that it will release model from artefacts in the seams area, some thimes while turning around model on those seams happens some blinking and the only way to get rid of it - is to move a bit uv borders >inside< texture space, but such act will result in non coincidence of a texture along either side of a seam. As for uv editor in 3DC in general, it is sad for me, that it have no option to show an actual texture map applied on model in uv preview window, also undo on selection works strange in preview window - need to push it few times and it removes not the last element item picked, but the whole selection of elements
  14. pity, thought it would happen earlier ( no i`m not thinking to switch from Max and Cinema to Lightwave just want to try and compare some things. thanks!
  15. May I ask some question? In which kind of way for what tasks this feature could be helpful? (please write detailed answer not just general phrases like "to simplify uv editing process")
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