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  1. Victorcg

    Color picker works incorrectly.

    While using Color Picer as tool everything is fine, but when I usr hotkey, the sampled color is incorrect. Does anyone know the solution? Thank You.
  2. Victorcg

    ID color map and Masks questions

    I have ID color map, it is difeerent from just using bucket.
  3. Victorcg

    ID color map and Masks questions

    Hello. What is workflow to use ID Color map in 3D Coat? And how can I create the mask for layer? Thank You.
  4. Victorcg

    Very-very long layer deleting

    While painting in pixel mode, I try to delete layer. It takes VERY long time. The model is 4 million polys? 2K texture. What am I doing wrong? Or it is issue?
  5. Victorcg

    Object space Normal map

    Планируется ли запекание нормалов в обжект спейс? Для Handplane нужная вещь.
  6. Victorcg

    Акция для пользователей из СНГ.

    [3] И мне пожалуйста!!! спасибо!