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  1. Ok, now I see something. You have incorrect path to exchange folder. Go to applink Options tab and reset path to: C:\Users\Draven\Documents\3D-CoatV48\Exchange
  2. I don't have a license for 12.x, so I can't test on my machine
  3. Do you have any messages/errors in EventLog?
  4. Here is the archive with the source files lw_applink_source_latest.zip
  5. ok, ok... give me a day to clean up what I have and I'll post it.
  6. Here is a brief explanation. All previous applinks used material slots and that was quite easy to do because we have access to this part through scripting language or lwsdk. Somebody can say "Dude.. But we have node editor and many cool nodes! Why don't you make shaders using this approach?!". I have to say this is a first thing I'd do, especially in LW 2018 where legacy materials give you a bounded potential. Sounds good in theory, but the access to nodes is heavily limited in lwsdk. Even in LW 2018! You can write and compile your own nodes as additional plugins, and later use them in NodeEditor, but there is no way to create a simple node from script or code, only manually. From the developer perspective a node is just a black box, which does some magic stuff. I spent a lot of time trying to get access through different hacks, but apparently it's not possible. The only one way that I could see is writing your own LWO parser and override information directly in lw object files. This is a pretty big task and require a lot of patience and time. Beside that not every LWO chunk has a description in the sdk documentation. If you still interested please try =), it's pure fun!
  7. Sorry guys. I'll will not able to finish a new applink due to complexity and time that I need to spend with it. Too much work for me, besides my primary job. If someone is interested to continue I can provide the source code and instructions how to accomplished it.
  8. I'm updating LW part. Since Coat cannot handle LWO 2018 I'll be using different file formats for sending data between apps.
  9. I'm currently working on an update for LW applink. I believe that this will be done soon-ish.
  10. Currently it's not possible. Only of rewrite it in C++.
  11. version 2.2.2 ************* Fixed: - The issue with exporting selected objects 3dcoat_for_maya_v2.2.2.zip
  12. Hi Swinny, Yes, you're right. Apparently I broke something during refactoring. I'll check and fix the issue asap. Thanks for the bug report!
  13. You'll get all correct files, If you do File->Open in Original App (see attachment) Exchange.7z
  14. Seems like it's another bug in 3D-Coat. After export it should create at least a pair of files (export.txt, textures.txt) or even 3 files, includes Export.xml. Something definitely went wrong here. I'll tell to Andrew. Thanks for finding the bug!
  15. How do you send your painted object back to Maya? I guess you do Export To->Maya instead of Open in Original App
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