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    editing object/world space normals?

    Ah, well, thanks for the response. That's what I ended up doing (with flat shade on to avoid lighting seams between separate meshes). If skyrim is any indication though, it might be worth preparing for future games supporting a wider variety of normal map types. A good seamless set of world normals really do eliminate pesky seams like neck seams and such.
  2. calyps

    editing object/world space normals?

    This program costs a lot of money to provide no support for anything but tangeant normals.
  3. I'm about to lose my mind. I'm trying to reduce seams between my hand model and body model and both use object/world normals. When I import my normals they look all messed up (really black areas with severe seams where there should be no seams). Am I correct in assuming that 3d Coat does not work with anything but tangent space normals? Should I just use flat shade and import and work on them as diffuse textures?